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The fake interview included real videos of the former president — with very silly results.
The comedian revealed she's "sexually attracted" to the iconic actor in an X-rated confession on the "Tonight Show."
"If that doesn't work, they're going to take away his iPad and no dessert for a week," the "Tonight Show" host quipped.
Stormy Daniels testified that the former president told her he and his wife sleep in separate rooms.
The “Tonight Show” host got right into the details of Stormy Daniels’ testimony at the former president’s hush money trial.
"The Tonight Show" host mocked the South Dakota governor's head-scratching answers when she was asked if she had or hadn't met Kim Jong Un.
“The Tonight Show” host suggested what messages the former president might have been exchanging with his attorney.
The "Yellowjackets" star discussed the unforgettable moment during a recent appearance on "The Tonight Show."
His rendition of "I'm Just Ken" brought down the house — but it turns out that the "Barbie" star had some reservations about doing it.
The “Tonight Show” host suggested how a cashier at the Atlanta restaurant visited by the former president might react.