Trevor Noah

"He had to sit there and tell everyone how great they are," Stern said of Noah's hosting duties.
Noah had a promise for people who hate seeing Swift during NFL games.
While Trevor Noah gave an acceptance speech, the former correspondent was seen in the background sending a snarky message to his past employers.
The former "Daily Show" host shared the news on his podcast “What Now? With Trevor Noah.”
The late-night show tested out a wild new format with two hosts instead of one.
The actor, who said in 2017 that he was "seriously considering" a presidential run, claims he was approached by "the parties" last year.
“Two things I’m most passionate about in life are paying my landlord and making people laugh,” joked Noah about the upcoming project.
The host teased that he did his “research” on this year’s nominees before the show to find out who to match up.
The comedian told Colbert he feels like he doesn’t “need to know” all the news since his exit at "The Daily Show."
It’s the end of an era. Trevor Noah is departing as the host of “The Daily Show” after more than seven years on the job.