10 Lighter Dishes To Make After Thanksgiving

10 Lighter Dishes To Make After Thanksgiving
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After eating obscene amounts of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pecan pie on Thanksgiving (not to mention all the leftovers), it feels good to eat light and healthy — at least until the next big holiday feast. From hearty main dish salads to warming soups, these recipes will cure your post-Thanksgiving meal hangover in no time.

Inspired by the flavors of Egypt, the salad contains crunchy pistachios, tangy pomegranate molasses, and cilantro, all balanced by warm, earthy spices and sweet golden raisins. Chunks of feta, scallions, and pomegranate seeds adorn the top of the dish, making a gorgeous composed salad with lively flavors and textures. It’s wonderful! GET THE RECIPE

If you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, this soul-satisfying soup is just the ticket. Here’s what I love about it: you can make it with ingredients you likely have on hand; it’s ready in 30 minutes yet tastes like you spent all day in the kitchen; it’s vegetarian; and it’s hearty enough to be a complete meal. GET THE RECIPE

This one-skillet dish of eggs poached in a smoky, spicy, vegetable-laden tomato sauce was brought to Israel by Jewish immigrants from North Africa. It can be served for breakfast, dinner, or anytime in between. GET THE RECIPE

Made with tender baby kale, crispy roasted chickpeas, nutty Parmigiano-Reggiano and a zingy lemon vinaigrette — this is a satisfying dish on its own. It also makes a perfect side to jazz up a simple rotisserie chicken (or leftover turkey). GET THE RECIPE

Brimming with fresh seafood in a tomato and wine broth that tastes like the sea, cioppino (pronounced cho-pee-no) is a rustic Italian-American fish stew. Serve it with a baguette for sopping up the broth — and don’t forget a second bowl for shells and plenty of napkins. GET THE RECIPE

My son, Zach, calls these “pizza paninis” since they taste like hot, crispy pizza sandwiches. I serve them with a green salad for a quick and easy weeknight meal; they also make a comforting after school snack for growing teenage boys who suddenly require a pre-dinner ‘dinner.’ GET THE RECIPE

Made with a rotisserie chicken and pantry staples, this fragrant, warming chicken and rice noodle soup is almost instant gratification. It will leave you feeling cozy, happy, and all warmed up. GET THE RECIPE

This salad of oranges, grapefruits and pomegranate seeds is the perfect antidote to all the overindulgence of the holidays. The fruits are soaked in their own juices, which makes a refreshing (not to mention gorgeous) magenta syrup that you’ll want to drink straight from the bowl. GET THE RECIPE

This main dish salad is full of bright, spicy Southeast Asian flavor. It’s easy too. You simply shred a rotisserie chicken, chop some veggies, whisk the dressing and dinner is done. GET THE RECIPE

Made with carrots, sweet potatoes, apples and honey, this savory soup with a hint of sweetness and spice is the essence of fall. The secret ingredient is curry powder, which lends a subtle hint of autumn spice. Bonus: the sweet potatoes add body to the soup so no guilt-inducing heavy cream is needed. GET THE RECIPE

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