Middle East

Gantz appeared to caution against immediate retaliation for Iran's overnight missile attack, stressing that Israel should respond "at the time that suits us."
The retaliatory attack confirmed anxieties about the Gaza crisis spiraling into a broader war. But Iran, Israel, the U.S. and Hamas also walked away with gains.
Israel has hailed the success of its defenses in the face of an unprecedented attack by Iran.
President Joe Biden is lauding American forces who helped Israel down “nearly all” of the drones and missiles fired by Iran.
Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank have gone on the largest rampage against Palestinians there since the war in Gaza began.
Iran launched hundreds of drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles in an unprecedented revenge mission.
GOP senators mostly found creative ways to avoid criticizing the former president.
The head of the U.S. Agency for International Development made the acknowledgement ― the most significant from the Biden administration ― after she was asked about a HuffPost story on Wednesday.
The militant group’s revelation called into question the estimated death toll among the hostages in Gaza.
Ismail Haniyeh accused Israel of acting in "the spirit of revenge and murder," and said the deaths would not pressure Hamas into softening its positions in Gaza.