Middle East

Video shot by a bystander outside showed a desperate effort to help those trapped inside, with one man trying to knock through a wall with an excavator.
The decision, which will take effect on Nov. 30, marks a major accomplishment for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Police said they had arrested two suspects in connection with the theft.
President Joe Biden raised “hard issues” in a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in New York.
"Refusing to negotiate ... does not guarantee that they’re not going to take other hostages,” said the former U.S. Marine, who was released by Russia in 2022.
The dustup over Isaiah Martin's website reflects tension within the party over how to respond to pro-Israel groups' big spending.
The agreement saw President Joe Biden agree to the release of nearly $6 billion in frozen Iranian assets.
Officials had said that the exchange would take place after nearly $6 billion in once-frozen Iranian assets reached Qatar.
The Biden administration issued a blanket waiver for international banks to transfer $6 billion in frozen Iranian money in South Korea without fear of U.S. sanctions.
The Saudis are particularly keen to boost oil prices to fund Vision 2030, an ambitious plan to overhaul the kingdom’s economy.