89-Year-Old Vet Places Ad Seeking Job So He Doesnt 'Die Of Boredom'

Certainly he has plenty to offer.

Waiting tables might not seem like your typical dream job, but Joe Bartley is over the moon about his new part-time gig. The 89-year-old widower was sick and tired of sitting at home doing nothing and so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Bartley bravely posted an ad in a local UK paper begging for part-time work ― asking for someone to save him from “dying of boredom!”

“I thought even though I am 89 I can still work. I can work a hoover, I can clean tables, some gardening ― anything really,” the veteran told The Guardian.

With his wife gone and a small pension to live off of, Bartley said he hopes to pay his own way with the new job.

While jobs might be harder to come by when you’re pushing 90, a local family who owns a cafe spotted the ad and knew they had to reach out to him.

“No matter what your age or your background, you deserve a chance,” Cantina Bar and Kitchen’s co-owner Sarah Martin told The Guardian.

The mom-and-pop cafe is a place where locals come not just for coffee, but for conversation, so Bartley, who served in Palestine following WWII, will be a welcome addition to the staff.

“Most people have got something to offer and Joe is someone who is keen, who is putting himself out there. What is not to like about that?” Martin said.

Bartley will begin his shift this weekend and couldn’t be happier.

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