James Corden Reveals Unaired Adele Prank That Went Awry In Tearful ‘Carpool Karaoke’

The "Rolling In The Deep" singer had the departing "Late Late Show" host in tears during a final, surprise edition of the musical segment.

James Corden bid an emotional farewell to “Carpool Karaoke” on Monday.

Adele surprised the departing “Late Late Show” host at his home before the two close friends took a tear-filled trip down memory lane, seven years after the singing superstar’s first appearance in Corden’s recurring bit.

The pair welled up talking about how Corden helped Adele during tough personal times. With Corden moving back to England, he told her: “Our friendship, and our families’ friendship, has absolutely nothing to do with distance and time.”

Amid the heartfelt sincerities, Corden did recall the time he tried ― but spectacularly failed ― to prank Adele after she boasted about being “unprankable.”

The elaborate joke for the show, which never made it onto the air, involved bringing Adele to a rented home where fake news reports and an animatronic bear would trick her into thinking a wild bear was on the loose outside. But an assistant spotted a tiny camera on the property and the gag unraveled.

“I was like, ‘Who fucking owns this house? I’m not happy about this,’” Adele remembered. Seeing his friend so uncomfortable in the situation, Corden decided to come clean.

“She’s unprankable,” he confirmed. “She cannot be pranked.”

Watch the video here:

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