The 10 Best Instagram Recipes From January 2024

Stuffed peppers, cheesy sweet potatoes, skillet lasagna and a variety of baked oats made the list.
I Heart Umami/Orchids + Sweet Tea/Foodie Crush

January might be prime time for New Year’s resolutions, but over on the HuffPost Taste Instagram account, we’re ditching the idea of restrictive diets and opting in favor of comfort and nourishment during this dreary month. The top recipes that readers liked most in January were, for the most part, either cheesy or sugary – and we’re certainly not complaining.

Other highlighted recipes included champagne tiramisu, burrata salad and vegetarian barbecue tacos. Try the recipes below and let us know which ones you like best!

Cooking Classy
Baked Oats (6 Ways)
Baked oats are huge right now, and this recipe offers six different ways to make them.
Completely Delicious
Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies
Satisfy your sweet tooth without having to start a fire.
Life, Love and Sugar
Strawberry Champagne Tiramisu
Champagne isn't just for New Year's Eve.
House of Yumm
Taco Stuffed Peppers
Whip up a delicious dinner in only 30 minutes.
Table For Two Blog
Ultimate Skillet Lasagna
An easier way of making a classic comfort food.
All The Healthy Things
French Onion Chicken
For when you're craving French Onion soup, but need something more filling.
Foodie Crush
Burrata Salad with Pear and Prosciutto
In our opinion, salad is better with lots of cheese.
Orchids + Sweet Tea
Crispy BBQ Pinto Bean Tacos
These tacos are so delicious, you won't even realize that they're meatless.
Oh Sweet Basil
Cheesy Gruyere Sweet Potato Stacks
Your muffin tin can be used for so many things besides baked goods.
I Heart Umami
Chili Oil Ramen
In only 10 minutes, you can elevate any store-bought ramen – the ease of this recipe is why it's our top post of the month!

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