Blake Lively Makes Risqué Baby Daddy Joke Before Quickly Correcting Herself

Ryan Reynolds — the real father of the couple's four children — has yet to respond.

Blake Lively knows how to both start ― and immediately quash ― rumors, like the gossip girl she is.

On Thursday, the “Simple Favor” actor joked on Instagram about who fathered her children but quickly reined in her jest.

Lively had posted a photo of herself in a bikini, prompting a fan to ask, “How have you had 4 kids???”

In a reply, the Betty Buzz founder tagged her personal trainer, Don Saladino — before walking back the implication that he was the dad.

“Wait. No. That’s not how. He’s not the father,” the actor quipped.

“He’s just the one who helps me fit into (some of) my clothes again after,” she explained. “He’s an even better person and friend than trainer. And that’s saying a lot.”

Blake Lively/Instagram

The actual father of Lively’s children, fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, has yet to comment on the exchange. But he’ll likely pull a prank on Lively soon, given the couple’s propensity for trolling each other on social media.

The pair welcomed their fourth child, whose sex and name they’ve yet to share, earlier this year. The two already had three daughters: James, 8, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3.

Reynolds previously revealed that the couple never know the gender of a new child until they are born, but he was perhaps hoping for another girl.

“I know girls, so I’m kind of hoping that [we have one],” he said in November on “Today.”

He added that he was the youngest of four brothers, and they “were just arsonists and firemen” growing up.

“I love my well-being and, uh, my home,” he joked.

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