CNN’s Brianna Keilar Shreds Rupert Murdoch Over 'Ultimate Moral Crime’

The "New Day" anchor hit the Fox News founder with a blunt question about the network's coverage of the coronavirus vaccines.

CNN’s “New Day” anchor Brianna Keilar on Wednesday slammed Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch for allowing personalities on the widely watched conservative network to continue to peddle disinformation about COVID-19 and the vaccines.

Murdoch was one of the first people to get the first dose of a COVID vaccine in December 2020, when he thanked the “amazing scientists” who developed it and urged others to get the shot, Keilar noted. But hosts and guests on the network have repeatedly dabbled with or entered into anti-vaccine territory.

“Again, the daily double question is why is Rupert Murdoch, who was one of the first to get vaccinated, allowing this anti-science B.S. on the air?” Keilar asked, adding, “Because it is killing people. But, you know, ratings. And that is the ultimate moral crime.”

Watch Keilar’s full analysis of Fox News’ coverage here:

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