'Daily Show' Guest Host Charlamagne Tha God Nails Why Republicans Really Booted Santos

“He could never be a full part of that club," Charlamagne suggested.

“The Daily Show” guest host Charlamagne Tha God on Monday suggested Republicans’ ulterior motive in expelling from Congress the serial fabulist and now-former Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.).

“I think it’s very important to acknowledge a large part of why he was kicked out is that he’s gay,” said Charlamagne.

“Republicans don’t fuck with that gay shit,” he added. “He could never be a full part of that club. Yes, he was a scam artist who stole and lied but Republicans are ride-and-die with all kind of liars and crooks. I’m just saying, look at their track record — if you’re LGBT, they’ll make you GTFO.”

Charlamagne also had what he conceded would be an “unpopular” take on why Santos shouldn’t have been thrown out of Congress, after an ethics report alleged that he’d used campaign funds for Botox treatment and other personal use, which Santos has called a “politicized smear.”

“I don’t think Congress should come before the court,” Charlamagne explained. “You shouldn’t be able to kick someone out for crimes they haven’t actually been convicted of yet. And I’ll tell you why: To get convicted in a court it takes 12 ordinary citizens to judge you. And I trust 12 randos off the street way more than 435 congresspeople.”

Watch the video here:

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