‘Daily Show’ Guest Host Charlamagne Tha God Reveals The 'Only' Way To Stop Trump

The radio host has a plan to keep the former president from returning as a dictator.

Daily Show” guest host Charlamagne Tha God delivered a good news/bad news scenario about a certain former president.

Donald Trump is definitely not gonna be president again,” he declared, drawing cheers from the audience. “The bad news is ’cuz he’s gonna be dictator.”

Charlamagne played clips of media figures warning of Trump’s authoritarian plans should he win a second term in office next year.

“But people are tuning it out because Democrats have been crying ‘fascist’ for so long,” the radio host said. “Honestly, liberals, there’s only one way for you to stop Donald Trump: reverse psychology.”

He called on people on the left to pretend they like Trump.

“All the MAGA people care about is owning the libs, so just embrace Trump, then they’ll reject him,” he suggested. “I want y’all to endorse him at drag queen story hour. Get Lin-Manuel Miranda to write a hip-hop musical about him. Or better yet, let’s hold a Black Lives MAGA rally.”

See more from his Tuesday night monologue below:

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