Chlöe Bailey Shuts Down Comparisons To Sister Halle: 'It Really Pisses Me Off'

The Chlöe x Halle singer has one message to online trolls who try to come for her sister: “Don’t mess with her.”

Chlöe Bailey wants internet trolls to give it a rest when it comes to comparisons between her and her younger sister Halle.

Appearing as the first guest on rapper Latto’s new Apple Music 1 show 777, the “Swarm” star had one clear message for folks who love to pitt her against Halle: “Don’t mess with her.”

“Honestly, it really pisses me off,”Chlöe said while getting candid about naysayers who try to stir up trouble by comparing the duo.

“I think out of everything, that’s the thing that gets under my skin the most when people are comparing us because we are best friends, we’re sisters,” the 24-year-old said. “Sometimes we forget that we’re not twins and it’s like, don’t mess with my blood. Don’t mess with her.”

The Hollywood pair first garnered acclaim after debuting as the R&B duo, Chlöe x Halle. They have released three studio albums together since 2017, earning five Grammy Award nominations.

Following the success of their music group, Chlöe has since gone on to pursue a solo career, with her debut album “In Pieces” releasing Friday. On the flip side, Halle, 23, is set to star as Princess Ariel in the live-action reboot of 1989’s “The Little Mermaid.”

In the interview, Chlöe also opened up about facing frustrating projections fans place on her and Halle, as if the two must compete against each other.

“Sometimes I just have to brush it off because people only see what they want to make up, what they want to believe,” she said. “And it’s like, sometimes I don’t need to give off that energy and waste my time explaining something that I know isn’t true.”

Admitting that she’s not one to respond to critics because her “clap backs aren’t the best,” she added that she needs to “learn to just be quiet.”

Earlier this month, the “Have Mercy” singer faced massive criticism on social media after her viral explicit sex scene with Damson Idris from Amazon Prime’s hit show “Swarm” was met with heaping backlash.

While discussing the challenge of growing up in the public eye from a child star, she opened up about how people’s negative reactions to her mature posts on social media have left her feeling “confused.”

“It’s like, if I do it, it’s forced, it’s contrived. But… I’ve come to the conclusion it’s because they’re not used to seeing me in that light,” she said. “They’ve grown up with my sister and I since we had our little short baby locs on YouTube and everything. But it’s like, this has been me.”

“When I perform, that’s when I feel the most confident and the most sexy. It’s nothing contrived or forced about it. That’s just passion coming out,” she added.

In January, Chlöe echoed similar thoughts about her online haters, calling the “shallow” critics “very off-putting.”

“I will tell you what annoys me a lot. I hate when people online constantly try to compare my sister and I. It is the most shallow, most disturbing thing,” she told told In the Know at the time.

She continued, “It was very off-putting to know how people would try to put two young Black sisters who love their craft so much and love each other so much, how they try to pit them against each other just because they’re different in some ways.”

Last week, Halle teased that she and Chlöe “are not finished making music together” as Chlöe x Halle.

“My sister and I are very, very excited to work on our new album together, as well as just let these amazing solo projects come out for both of us,” Halle said while promoting her new partnership with Zyrtec, PopSugar reported.

The “Little Mermaid” star doubled down, adding: “But people should definitely know that we are not finished making music together.”

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