'Cocaine Shark': Another Drug-Fueled Animal Gets Its Own Movie

The new film arrived just weeks after the Elizabeth Banks-directed comedy "Cocaine Bear."

Another animal is set to get in on wild, drug-fueled action in a movie this year.

Cocaine Shark” is scheduled to arrive in theaters — fins and all — in July, following last month’s release of the Elizabeth Banks-directed “Cocaine Bear,” Entertainment Weekly reported.

“Cocaine Shark” focuses on a mafia drug lord’s production of a shark-derived stimulant before an explosion and leak at a laboratory puts “an army of mutated, bloodthirsty sharks” on the loose, according to the film’s IMDB summary.

Word of the Wild Eye Releasing movie, directed by Mark Polonia, comes after social media users joked last month that 3.5 tons of cocaine found floating in the Pacific Ocean could help inspire a “Cocaine Shark” movie.

Other drug-induced animal films also are on the way.

“Attack of the Meth Gator” is in the works for the summer from The Asylum, the studio behind the “Sharknado” franchise, ScreenRant reported.

Watch the trailer for “Cocaine Shark” below:

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