9 Home Additions To Help You Conserve Water

A few simple swaps can help preserve our planet's most precious resource and save you money in the long run.
The Flume smart home leak detection kit, a rain collection barrel and a water usage-tracking showerhead by Hai.
The Flume smart home leak detection kit, a rain collection barrel and a water usage-tracking showerhead by Hai.

As a decade-long Southern California resident, I’m no stranger to drought warnings and water saving notices. But, according to organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency, efforts to conserve water aren’t only to be taken in drought prone-climates or at drier times of the year.

The EPA’s water conservation branch anticipates that at least 40 states in the country will experience water shortages by 2024 due to the increasing duration of drought events and growing populations. And while the agency is actively participating in response and recovery measures, we can still do our part by making small home changes that reduce our water footprint and save us money in the process.

Using resources and recommendations from the EPA and Save Our Water, an official water conservation program in the state of California, we collected a selection of home products that reduce, monitor and conserve water use.

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A smart water-saving shower system
According to Save Our Water, California's official water conservation program, keeping showers under five minutes when using a water-efficient shower head can save 12.5 gallons per shower.

Using Bluetooth connectivity that works with an app on your phone, this sustainable smart showerhead helps you track water usage and environmental impact over time. You can set target temperature and shower length limits, and the customizable LED lights built into the showerhead handle will notify you when your target limit has been reached. The removable handheld showerhead is made from stainless steel and easy-to-clean mold-resistant flexible PVC hose, while a seamless slider button adjusts the water flow from a high pressure stream to a spa-like mist. The faceplate is available in six different colors and is easy to install without the need for a plumber.

Note that only the eco-efficient Hai model that uses just 1.8 gallons per minute is permitted in all states.
A pair of swiveling faucet aerators
Save Our Water says that installing aerators in your faucets can save .7 gallons of water per minute. While it's standard for late-model sink hardware to come with pre-installed aerators, older models might not have them or the existing ones could bear replacing.

In addition to providing a splash-free and evenly pressured stream of water, this pair of chrome and brass aerators bear a certification from the National Science Foundation and WaterSense, a designation that places them among water-efficient products recommended by the EPA. Compatible with most standard male-thread kitchen or bathroom faucets, these aerators also feature a 360-degree swiveling spout to direct water flow and are resistant to both rust and corrosion.
Home Depot
A high-efficiency dual-flush toilet
Save Our Water also says that swapping out your old high-flush toilet for one that has better efficiency can save anywhere between six to 35 gallons of water per day. This sleek and elongated model with a self-closing seat offers a quiet, powerful dual-flush siphonic design that customizes water flow for either solid or liquid waste. It's also received a WaterSense certification from the EPA.
A trio of water-conserving toilet tank inserts
If purchasing and installing a brand new toilet isn't in the cards for you, toilet tank inserts like these can be a no-maintenance and odor-free alternative that has the potential to conserve 80-160 ounces of water per flush. Although tank banks aren’t directly mentioned by the EPA or Save Our Water, many reviewers claim that after adding these to their toilets, they noticed a significant decrease in their monthly water bill. Toilet tank banks work by displacing an amount of water in your toilet tank so your low-efficiency toilet requires less water when flushing.
A smart home leak detection kit
Fixing leaks inside and outside your home can save 27 to 90 gallons of water each day, according to Save Our Water. The only issue is that, outside of seeking professional services, it can be difficult to determine if and where leaks are occurring.

The Flume smart home water kit works by connecting to your water meter in order to offer real time tracking of your water usage, leak detection and an alert system that can prevent leaks from happening in the first place. Using the Flume app, you can also create a more efficient outdoor irrigation schedule, set water use limits and receive budget suggestions. No plumbing, cutting, wiring or monthly subscriptions are required to use Flume.
Self-fusing leak repair tape
If a leaky pipe is to blame for a spike in your water bill, we think this self-fusing silicone repair tape could be a good temporary solution until your pipe gets replaced. Many reviewers attest to its ability to instantly stop minor leaks around the house. It uses a powerful, corrosion-resistant adhesive and an extremely fast bonding time to provide a completely waterproof and airtight seal on most materials, from metal to PVC. Just stretch to activate and overlap the tape on itself to get the best performance.
A smart water-saving sprinkler system
Improving on an existing sprinkler system by converting to drip irrigation or by implementing smart irrigation solutions can, according to Save Our Water, reduce water waste.

This system from RainPoint, which is easily controlled and monitored using the RainPoint app, automatically delays watering schedules when sensing rainfall, will turn on only when it detects that the soil is dry in order to prevent over-watering, and allows you to set water consumption limits so you never use more than you intend.
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A drip irrigation conversion system
Drip irrigation, a kind of micro-watering method that saves water and nutrients by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, is Save Our Water's preferred outdoor watering method. According to the program, conversion is easy: You simply use your existing supply lines and replace some of the sprinkler heads with drip irrigation supply heads.

This 6-sprinkler head kit by Rain Bird, a brand suggested by the Save Our Water, contains everything you need to easily convert your current sprinkler system into a drip one, without requiring any digging or existing irrigation knowledge. It eliminates wasteful overspray by sending water directly to plants rather than the sidewalk or other unwanted areas, and claims to reduce 40% of water use compared to spray irrigation.
An outdoor rain collection barrel
Rainwater harvesting is another easy and effective way that Save Our Water says can conserve water. It's a method that typically involves placing a collection barrel in areas where rainwater naturally flows off the roof, then utilizing the collected water for things like cleaning or outdoor watering.

This 50-gallon BPA-free polyethylene outdoor barrel is built for just this purpose and features a debris screen to keep out things like leaves and animals,. It also has a built-in garden hose, shut-off valve and a linking kit for connecting the barrel to others.

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