How To Throw Your Dog A Birthday Party. Here's Everything You Need

Consider this the ultimate guide to celebrating your sweet pooch with supplies from Amazon, Etsy and more.
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For those of us who are devoted pet parents, the notion of throwing a beloved dog a birthday party is not outside the realm of reason. I’ve long watched with envy as people have cute little get-togethers for their pups, throwing corny bat mitzvahs on their 13th birthdays, whipping up pupcakes, getting them snazzy party outfits and more. As my own little dog creeps towards her 15th birthday, I’ve become absolutely obsessed with throwing her a quinceañera.

And while I’m pretty sure my own decrepit little creature could care less if I throw her a party, it feels meaningful to mark the occasion of reaching such a big age. But gathering a group of dogs together, whether it be in your own yard or at a park, is not for the faint of heart, and requires more planning and preparation than you might think. You’ll want the bells and whistles, of course, but you’ll also want to make sure you’ve prioritized everyone’s safety and comfort.

If you’re going to throw your dog a birthday party, make sure you’re working in a safe, enclosed yard for off-leash animals or a park where dogs are welcome to roam. Stash poop bags and wipes in easily accessible places, and don’t forget party hats and toys for the other canine guests. Check your local dog-friendly bakery for doggie-safe desserts and treats, and you’ll be ready to roll.

Below, we’ve included some more must-have dog party supplies, accessories and more. It’s party time!

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A special flower crown or collar
Who can resist a puppy adorned in flowers? This delightful crown from Etsy shop HanksFurFriends is too good to resist. They're made from fabric flowers and greenery and fitted on a wire base with a ribbon tie in the back. They're designed to fit the top of their heads like a halo and come with an adjustable elastic that goes under their chin.
A bag of healthy dog food
Keep a few bowls of Open Farm's harvest chicken and ancient grains dry food around the area so your pet pals can feast on healthy dog food that is as nutritious as it is delicious. It's a nutrient-dense source of energy made of humanely raised chicken and ancient grains, such as steel-cut oats, quinoa and other superfoods.
A dog stroller
If, like my Mae, your dog is an oldie but a goody, help them arrive to their party in style and comfort with their very own dog stroller. I've long resisted getting one, but it makes it so much easier for a dog with mobility issues to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors.
A party supply decoration kit
Get decoration essentials with a jazzy kit that includes a happy birthday banner, a triangle flag banner, "let's pawty" foil balloons, 10 latex balloons with paw prints and two dog birthday hats.
A whole bunch of tennis balls
You don't need a lot more than an abundance of tennis balls to make doggos happy. Keep things classic with a stack of Penn tennis balls, which can be purchased as single cans or in bundles of two, four, 12, 15 or 24 cans, depending on how many guests will be attending.
A little bow tie tuxedo
Glam up your little one on their big day with this absolutely heart-melting bow tie and vest from Etsy shop UniqueWeddingFinds. Get it in navy, black or gray — either way, he's sure to be a hit.
Or grab a sweet floral dress for your birthday princess
If ever there was an occasion to dress up your pooch, it's their birthday party. Lean into the festivities with this Fitwarm dress. It's sunny and sweet, and cute as can be.
A delicious pack of treats
It's a party, so keep the treats coming with these gourmet dehydrated beef options from Open Farm. They're packed with lightly cooked dehydrated protein that is as flavorful as it is wholesome.
A box of party hats
Get festive with these absolutely delightful pet party hats. How sweet is that pom on top? Best of all, you can save them and use them for years to come. It'll be worth the photo opp alone.
An assortment of ropes and other chew toys
Keep guests entertained with a box filled with enticing toys like ropes, bones and more. This set includes 14 popular dog toys that aren't only fun, they help to keep teeth clean and calm nerves.
A dog paw washer cup
Quickly and easily clean muddy paws with this ingenious paw cleaner. It's a cup with soft silicone bristles inside that will keep even the dirtiest of dogs from tracking dirt and mud inside the house.
A pack of wet wipes
Keep some wet wipes on hand for any and all messes as the party progresses. I'm a fan of these plant-based compostable Earth Rated wipes for anything from tidying up paws and bums to wiping down surfaces and freshening up a dirty coat.
A delicious stew meal
When it's time for lunch, Open Farm's wet food is a great option for senior dogs like my little Mae. The carton makes it easy to portion out and serve to multiple hungry puppers, and is made with an ethically-sourced mix of humanely-raised turkey and healthy ingredients like turmeric and coconut oil.
A cozy plush bed
Consider throwing a few soft beds around for your guests to lounge on in between play sessions. These come in multiple sizes and colors so you can accommodate various body sizes and aesthetics.
A customizable pup goody bag
Give your puppy guests a parting gift and send them on their way with a personalized box filled with treats and little toys. Who doesn't love a goody bag?

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