Dog On The Mend After Rescuing Owner From Mountain Lion

After a harrowing journey to the vet, the Belgian Malinois survived the ordeal.

Not all heroes wear capes.

According to Erin Wilson, her dog saved her life on Monday.

Wilson was walking near the Trinity River in a rural area in northern California when a mountain lion approached and lunged at her, swiping and scratching her left shoulder, Wilson told the Sacramento Bee.

“I yelled out for help from my dog Eva. She was only a few yards ahead of me and attacked the lion,” Wilson wrote on a GoFundMe campaign to pay for the vet bills.

“They battled for a few moments until I heard her cry. The cat had her by the left side of her head. For the next several minutes I tried everything I could to free her. Eventually I ran to my vehicle for a weapon and flagged down assistance from a kind woman named Sharon. Together we beat at the cat while yelling until my dog was let go.”

Eva was badly wounded and it took an hour to get her to the vet.

“Midway through, Eva began convulsing for several minutes at a time. I didn’t think she’d make it every time it started up,” Wilson said. “Fortunately she pulled through and received urgent treatment.”

Eva suffered two skull fractures, a puncture to her sinus cavity and severe swelling around her eye.

“My dog is my hero and I owe her my life,” Wilson wrote.

According to posts on Eva’s Instagram page Wednesday, she is still at the vet. But she’s on the mend and should be able to go home on Thursday.

Wilson said she had already raised enough funds to cover Eva’s medical bills, and plans to donate surplus funds to charities after factoring in the cost of aftercare and some “very solid pampering” for her dog. She’s currently looking into helping Malinois rescues, big cat rescues and predator management groups.

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