San Francisco Giants Broadcaster Reveals His Bathroom Urges In Hot Mic Moment

Duane Kuiper's TMI slip came after the half-inning was over, and the broadcast was presumably cutting to a commercial.

San Francisco Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper revealed a different kind of potty mouth during a game this week. (Watch the video below.)

A half-inning had just ended on a Giants at-bat against the host Arizona Diamondbacks Wednesday when the longtime announcer declared nature was calling ― but he didn’t say it so delicately.

“I gotta pee,” he said on the hot mic.

Sure, a commercial could have saved the 73-year-old Kuiper the embarrassment of expressing his bodily needs on the air, but it certainly wasn’t the worst slip out of the mouths of baseball announcers this year.

Glen Kuiper, Duane’s brother, lost his job announcing Oakland Athletics games after uttering a racial slur on the air. Longtime Yankees announcer Suzyn Waldman was caught on a hot mic ripping the Yankees, saying, “God, this is boring.

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