San Francisco Giants

The 81-year-old Beach Boys legend makes "incoherent utterances" and experiences other mental difficulties, according to court documents.
"She encouraged me to make the music that was closest to my heart," Wilson said of Ledbetter on social media.
Duane Kuiper's TMI slip came after the half-inning was over, and the broadcast was presumably cutting to a commercial.
“It’s been a mental and physical grind," Logan Webb said. "It’ll be good to get back home, for sure. Hopefully the s**ts go away and will be better in a couple days.”
San Diego Padres left fielder Jurickson Profar collapsed as he attempted to walk off the field on Thursday.
A San Francisco Giants player and a Cincinnati Reds player had to be separated before their game began on Friday.
Gabe Kapler said he'll remain in the clubhouse for the anthem "until I feel better about the direction of our country."
“I took a 95 MPH line drive to my head,” Kelsey Wingert said in a tweet, along with a photo that showed a row of stitches on her forehead.
The San Francisco Giants assistant coach was greeted with a congratulatory handshake from the rival first baseman.