Fox News Hosts Lavish Praise On Biden’s DNC Speech: ‘Best He’s Ever Been’

Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, Dana Perino and Karl Rove all gave the former vice president high marks.

Fox News hasn’t been friendly territory for former Vice President Joe Biden, but many of the conservative network’s personalities offered praise for the Democratic presidential candidate’s acceptance speech on Thursday night.

Although President Donald Trump has tried to portray Biden as “not all there” and “mentally shot” as well as a captive of the far left, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace said the president will have a tough time with that argument after Biden’s speech at the Democratic National Convention.

“I thought that he blew a hole, a big hole, in that characterization,” Wallace said. “It seems to me that after tonight, Donald Trump is going to have to run against a candidate, not a caricature.”

Fellow Fox News personality Bret Baier was similarly effusive about Biden’s performance.

“He’s not known for his public speaking, but this ― I’ve been seeing him speak on the stump many, many times ― was the best he’s been as far as his delivery,” Baier said.

Fox News host Dana Perino said Biden “hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth.”

“He had pace, rhythm, energy, emotion and delivery,” she said. “I think if he looks back, he’s gonna say, that’s probably the best speech of his life.”

Even Fox News contributor Karl Rove offered praise, saying Biden portrayed himself as a unifier.

“He did so very effectively and if I were a Republican strategist in the Trump campaign, I’d be worried about how long and how effectively he carries that theme forward,” Rove said. “Because that’s the thing that will keep the swing voters in his camp ― if they are in his camp ― or bring them to him.”

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