IVFML Season 2, Episode 1: Are We Still Infertile?

In IVFML season 2, Simon and Anna return to update listeners about their pregnancy story.

IVFML returns for a second season to take a broader look at how infertility affects diverse groups of people. But first, health reporter Anna Almendrala and her husband, comedy screenwriter Simon Ganz, update listeners on how their pregnancy ended, and what it’s like to be parents after years of infertility.

Anna and Simon are frank about how anxiety plagued the final few months of their pregnancy, and how medical complications forced them to make some difficult decisions about the birth, which they describe in all its gory detail.

And now that they have their happy ending, they discuss how they relate to the label “infertile,” especially now that they’re thinking about what to do with their other embryos in storage.

They also hear from fans of the first season, who all called in or made their own records to share their story with the show.

Many thanks to IVFML listeners Dani Susskind, Veronica Nyström, Nicole Markle, Hannah Sharp, My-Ann Je, Ashley Paltauf, Liz Speakman, Laura LeBlanc, Karen Shulman, Amelia Howard and Liz Lemley for sharing their stories with us.

And thank you to Rebecca Coursey-Rugh, Anna and Simon’s doula and birth photographer, for capturing audio for the episode.

Listen to Episode 1 of IVFML Becoming Family below.

IVFML Becoming Family is produced and edited by Anna Almendrala, Simon Ganz, Nick Offenberg, and Sara Patterson. Send us an email at IVFML@huffpost.com.

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