Jordan Klepper Puts Gun Control Call In 'Football Terms' After Super Bowl Parade Shooting

"The Daily Show" guest host argued for a "defensive strategy" following a Kansas City shooting that killed one person and injured over 20 others.

Jordan Klepper argued why the U.S. needs gun control by using “football terms” in the wake of a shooting that killed one person and injured over 20 others at the Kansas City ChiefsSuper Bowl parade Wednesday.

“America needs a defensive strategy that will stop a guy from getting the ball in the first place,” said Klepper, guest host of Thursday’s edition of “The Daily Show.”

He continued, “Not just hope someone tackles him before he gets to the end zone – that’s not a winning strategy, unless you’re playing the Jets. Also we need to limit the size of the ball, that ball is a weapon of war, the founders didn’t anticipate the ball would be this big. I’m in too deep with this metaphor, I hear it now. You get the idea.”

Klepper added that it’s “infuriating” that people aren’t going to get to have “an honest conversation about America’s gun problem” following the shooting.

There have been 49 mass shootings in the U.S. this year, according to Gun Violence Archive.

“Instead, we’ll be having a conversation about America’s parade problem,” said Klepper before the headline of The Associated Press’ story on likely changes to championship parades flashed beside him.

“Should they have more security? Should they be smaller? Should they replace the confetti with Kevlar? Should the parade just be an email? It’s not fun but those are all the ideas we’re allowed to have.”

The host went on to note media coverage of the shooting that declared that the parade was supposed to be a “day of celebration” or it started out as a day “filled with joy.”

“Shouldn’t every day be able to end without a mass shooting? Is our bar really that low?” he asked.

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