Jordan Klepper Gets Trump Supporters Tangled Up In Their Own Twisted Logic

One of Trump’s wildest claims doesn’t seem to bother some of the former president’s supporters.

Jordan Klepper returned to the campaign trail, where he found Donald Trump’s supporters are only too happy to allow him the “dictator” powers he has said he would use only on his first day in office.

Some went even further during “The Daily Show” segment airing on Tuesday, when Klepper was host.

“You’re fine with Trump as king?” Klepper asked one supporter at Saturday’s rally in South Carolina.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Trump as king is good?” Klepper confirmed.

“Yup!” she said.

“That’s about as American as you can get,” he said, but any sarcasm appeared to have been lost.

“Yes, it is,” she said.

Another called on Trump to arrest half of the Justice Department on his first day.

“That’s like a true dictatorship,” Klepper said.

“Yeah,” the man agreed, then revised: “Well, no, it needs to happen.”

Another woman said, “Let’s get it done,” when asked about Trump’s dictator-for-a-day promise.

“He’s not gonna be like a Hitler dictator,” Klepper said.

“No,” the woman agreed.

“More like a Mussolini dictator,” Klepper added.

“Yes, exactly,” she said.

“Put the people in place,” the man accompanying her said.

“A dictator can do that, right?” Klepper said. “It can put people in place. The good people are over here. The bad people are over here in a gulag.”

“At this point, it’s what America needs,” she replied.

Another rallygoer tried to defend Trump’s racist claim that immigrants are “poisoning the blood” of the country by saying the former president speaks in allegories.

Klepper replied: “It sounds much nicer in the original German.”

“Yeah,” the man said. “Yeah, there ya go.”

Check it out below ― and stick around for the end, where Klepper tries his best to help a Trump supporter who’d been hoodwinked into spending bigly on possible scam items that use the former president’s name:

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