Kanye West Gives Himself Props For Helping Taylor Swift's Career In Wild All-Caps Rant

The controversial rapper weighed in after one Swift fan's call to "block him from the top spot" on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, hit Taylor Swift fans with an all-caps message Wednesday as he addressed one fan account’s call to “block him from the top spot” on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The controversial rapper, who name-dropped Swift on a new song and recently used Instagram to boast about overtaking her — for one day — as the most-streamed artist globally on Spotify, shared a screenshot of a Swift fan account who called on people to buy and stream Beyoncé’s single “Texas Hold ’Em” to prevent him from going No. 1.

“REMEMBER he just DRAGGED Taylor on his latest Instagram story,” wrote the fan account in a screenshot shared by Ye.

Ye, in an Instagram post Wednesday, shared that he “was on Taylor’s side” when Scooter Braun bought her masters “behind her back” before adding to his rant about the pop superstar.

“She and Beyoncé are big inspirations to all musicians we always say how both sell out tours and movies,” he continued.

“Also, I’m sure I’ve been far more helpful to Taylor Swift’s career than harmful to all Taylor Swift fans I am not your enemy uuum I’m not your friend either though lol.”

The rapper also cleared rumors that he was kicked out of the Super Bowl per Swift’s request after former NFL star Brandon Marshall claimed that Swift was “pissed off” and made a “call or two” before Ye was booted from the stadium Sunday.

“Also I didn’t get kicked out of the Super Bowl we left our seats to go to YG’s box and see different friends,” he said. “My wife had never been to a Super Bowl so I wanted to walk around and have a nice time we had such a fun day.”

A representative for Ye told TMZ that the claim is a “completely fabricated rumor” and it is “not true.”

Ye’s latest remarks about Swift add to his complicated history with the singer after he notably interrupted her acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

The two later reunited and appeared to be friends before Ye, in 2016, declared that he “made that bitch famous” while referring to the pop superstar in a controversial line during his song “Famous.”

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