Kenan Thompson Seemed Grossed Out By Kelly Clarkson’s Shower Habits

“I’m glad you’re open enough to say that,” Thompson told the talk show host after she revealed her laid-back approach to washing her body.
Kenan Thompson and Kelly Clarkson.
Kenan Thompson and Kelly Clarkson.

Kenan Thompson doesn’t seem to think Kelly Clarkson’s bathing habits are all that.

Last week, the “Saturday Night Live” star visited “The Kelly Clarkson” show to promote his new memoir and humorous advice book, “When I Was Your Age.”

During Clarkson’s interview with the “All That” alum, she seemed to take issue with a part of his book in which the comedian offers “shower advice.”

Apparently, one thing Thompson suggests his readers don’t do is brush their teeth in the shower, telling Clarkson that he finds “it to be gross.”

“Here’s the thing. I don’t regularly brush my teeth in the shower. I just do if I’m in a hurry … Now, I do happen to be in a hurry often,” Clarkson told Thompson.

“That’s fine because that’s where you’re at in the world,” Thompson said politely, though he appeared to be slightly repulsed. The experts are on Thompson’s side — keeping your toothbrush in the shower can put you at risk for cross-contamination of germs and bacteria growth.

Thompson then noted that he also mentioned in his book that one should wash their entirety of their legs in the shower.

“Like, get all the way, don’t just leave your ankles out,” Thompson said.

Clarkson responded by casually telling Thompson that she doesn’t really wash her legs, and just lets soap trickle down.

“But wait— when you’re washing up here, it does wash down,” Clarkson said.

Thompson and Clarkson’s studio audience — who remained almost completely silent — seemed surprised by this revelation.

“See, there’s just different approaches to life, that’s fine,” Thompson said, causing Clarkson’s studio audience to erupt with laughter.

Trying to save face, Clarkson then said, “I guess I shave my legs almost every day in the shower. So I’m kind of [washing my legs] anyway.” She may be on to something — Dr. Ben Barankin, the medical director at the Toronto Dermatology Centre, told HuffPost Canada in 2019 that 80% of germs and bacteria that cause odor “will be cleaned off just by water itself.” So, even if someone finds Clarkson’s leg cleaning technique a bit too easy-going, it’s probably fine.

Thompson seemed to imply that was OK, and appeared to want more clarification from Clarkson about how she shaves her legs. But the host seemed very eager to ask the “Good Burger” star another burning question.

“Do you pee in the shower?” Clarkson asked.

At this, Thompson looked repulsed.

“No?” Clarkson said, surprised.

“I would lie if I said I had never done it, but I try not to,” Thompson said.

“I pee almost every time in the shower!” Clarkson said.

“That’s awesome,” Thompson said sarcastically. “I’m glad you’re open enough to say that. That’s great.”

“You can’t help it!” Clarkson said, defending herself again. “It goes back to that childhood sleepover. You know, they put your hand in the hot water. Sometimes, you pee! The hot water hits your body and — not every time, but, like, if I’ve gotta go … yeah.”

“I’ve done it,” Thompson reluctantly admitted. “But when I do do it, I always feel so ashamed.”

“You know what I feel?” Clarkson said. “I feel productive.”

Although Clarkson got a little too TMI while sharing her hot hygiene takes with Thompson, she is only one of many celebrities who have felt compelled to share their bathing habits with the public.

In the past couple of years, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jason Momoa, Terry Crews, and Cardi B have all shared how much — or little — they bathe to the public’s dismay.

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