'Love Is Blind' Season 4: 1 Couple Has An Epic Blowup And Another Pops Out Of Nowhere

Read our thoughts for the second batch of episodes out of Seattle.

Well, well, well. The second batch of episodes of “Love Is Blind” Season 4 were released Friday, and we cannot wait to blab on with our commentary about the Seattle couples.

Join Ruth Etiesit Samuel, Taryn Finley and Erin E. Evans for a chat about Jackie and Marshall’s epic blowup, Kwame dealing with second thoughts about marrying Chelsea and Zack and Bliss’ seemingly out-of-nowhere coupledom.

The Weddings Are Getting Closer And We're Ready For A Bunch Of I Don'ts

The preview of Friday’s episodes features wedding dress shopping, Jackie talking with Josh AGAIN, Chelsea asking the right questions, Micah giving Paul the opportunity to say “I Do” or “I Don’t” first and Zack and Bliss talking about changed minds in a pool. At this point, I’m really only rooting for Brett and Tiffany to stay together. (Last week, I still had hope for Jackie and Marshall, but now I don’t.)

Catch up with us next week when we provide more commentary.

Zack Didn't Even Have To Beg For Bliss Back — That's A Problem

Now, Bliss. Remember what wisdom the late, great Maya Angelou left us? She said, when somebody shows you who they are the first time, believe them. So why didn’t you believe Zack, my good sis?

If that man ain’t crying, coughing, throwing up and dragging himself on the floor begging for you to take him back, there’s no reason to even entertain the conversation. Even then, Bliss, as brilliant and lovely as you seem, you made it all too easy for this man to walk back into your life after dumping you in the pods for irritating-ass Irina. You even read this man for filth, saying that if he chose the mean girl, he’s a bad judge of character. So. Why in hell would you open the door so easily for someone with the judgment of a deer crossing a four-lane highway during rush hour?

I hate to say it, but you played yourself. And that ick you keep feeling about being Zack’s second pick? You’re right. Because you were. I want so much better for you, girl. True love shouldn’t come with an ick attached. Free yourself. — Taryn

They don’t even have chemistry! I cringe every time they show up on-screen together. Why are they forcing this? Which “Love Is Blind” producer do I have to blame for this taking up so much screen time? Also, it was VERY funny to me that Zack messed up the sous-vide steaks. I gotta stop watching this show when I’m hungry because I notice ALL the food moments. — Erin

Y’all remember last time a certain kind, sweet-hearted woman was a certain preacher’s kid’s second choice?! Y’all remember that a few seasons ago?! ‘Cause I do! And they did not live happily ever after! — Ruth

Micah Confronts Irina About Paul And It Ends With A Quick But Bombastic Side Eye

“Was I the big fool who missed your red flags?” Micah says to Irina when they meet up in Seattle, referring to her foul play in the pool with Paul.

Honestly, I kind of forgot that this happened. I’m glad Micah went straight to Irina to be like, “Hey, that shit ain’t cool.” I also love how every time Micah mentions Irina she says, "We are 'best friends'” and she always uses air quotes with it. Are y’all show best friends? Fake best friends? Not friends at all? Either way, they’re cut from the same cloth. At the end of the conversation, Micah tells Irina that she knows Paul is not interested. Micah flashes a bombastic side eye to her and I almost fell off my couch. Seems like there may be more drama awaiting us with this trio.

Apparently, Micah’s Friends Are Pretty Terrible Too

Ah, yes, we’re back to Regina George & co. I understand your friends doing a vibe check on your partner. On multiple occasions, I have been the person that is requested to initiate the vibe check, OK. However, what the vibe check does not entail is brazen disrespect toward my friend’s partner.

I'm unsure how much alcohol was consumed prior to filming, but Micah’s friends, um, do not seem ... very bright. Paul, in my eyes, is very regular. Not extraordinarily articulate. Mans was just talking. Furthermore, her friends are plain rude. It was giving mean sorority girls who moved to the “big city” for adventure. To flat out tell the man, “You’ve gotta pass my test” — then add that you’ll ultimately say something “bitchy” about Paul at one point? And expect a positive response? That is so uncouth.

In conclusion, I genuinely believe that Micah’s friends actually do not want to see her happy. The way it comes off? With the crying after Paul clapped back? It feels more about control and jealousy. Opp behavior at its finest. — Ruth

I have a couple of friends that I rely on as my braintrust in my relationships. I only take information to them when it is vital. But what seems to be happening with Micah is that she tells her friends ALL her business and they feel like they have a vested interest in helping her decide what should fly with her chosen partner. Micah saying to Paul that her friend Shelby is “easily angered” was pretty telling. And then Paul quipped back “I can’t say that I care.” I was cheering for Paul at that point. LIKE, YES, stand up, Paul, because this woman thinks she can say whatever she wants and not get a simple snappy response? Nah. — Erin

Behold! The Only Stable, Healthy Couple On This Show

I’m in love every time I see these two on my screen. The adoration they have for each other is absolutely infectious. Hell, I’m smitten. And I couldn’t help but smile when Tiffany visited Brett’s apartment for the first time and ran through that man’s bougie-ass home like the Tomb Raider. Their issues are mundane. Their friends and family approve of them as a couple. Their biggest problems are planning the wedding, finding enough closet space, and how they’re going to spend their disposable income. They’re the boring couple that grounds the chaotic mess that this show is. And I think that’s beautiful. — Taryn

Brett has the home of a man I would like to date, quite frankly. Brett telling Tiffany if she likes the building he would look into moving into a 2- or 3-bedroom? YES, PLEASE. Her comments about him being bougie annoyed the shit out of me, but it seems like producers may have leaned into that since it really seems like their only issue: how they spend their money. Though I agree with Tiffany that $1,200 for a carry-on is outta control. — Erin

Were Producers Playing Up What Ended Up Being Zero Drama With Chelsea’s Dad?

Why did they play up Chelsea’s dad Charlie meeting Kwame? It felt gross to me because Kwame was doing his usual refusal to have a conversation with Chelsea without being like, “Well, what do you want to talk about?” It’s childish. The whole conversation felt like they were just avoiding saying, “I don’t know if my dad’s gonna be real racist, but he might be!” It really annoyed me how long Kwame and Chelsea’s build-up to Charlie walking in the door was, to then turn around and her dad to just be all go-with-the-flow about it all. It just seemed so dramatic for no reason on the production’s part. Also, I know Netflix cares a lot about continuity (the whole reason for the gold goblets is because they’re constantly liquoring up the contestants and don’t want the glass levels to go up and down through the editing process), but Kwame’s plate of food at that dinner was varying levels of full throughout their conversation at the table and it REALLY annoyed me. — Erin

YUP! Got very “My father has never seen me with a Black man before” vibes ahead of their meeting. Once again, why would you go on a series in which you wouldn’t visibly see the person you’re dating without having that conversation with your parents? Considering Kwame’s ... past “traumas” (i.e., not picking up his high school girlfriend from prom), I was puzzled by his nonchalance. — Ruth

PSA: Stop Going On Reality Dating Shows Without Getting Your Parent's Approval

I have said this so many times and I’ll say it again: If you know that your parents would not approve of you finding a partner through a reality television dating series, do not go on the damn show. How do you expect your life-long partner to feel comfortable knowing your parents inherently harbor skepticism toward them? I personally believe that when you marry someone, you marry their family — and, like it or not, acceptance from your in-laws means something to many people. At your big age, Kwame, be serious for, like, two seconds.

He is also not the only example of this; I distinctly remember watching Katie Thurston’s season of “The Bachelorette,” and contestant Justin Glaze was unable to convince his parents to attend “Hometowns.” Distractify reported that Justin made a phone call to his mother, who said, “You know your dad and I will support you, but I just find it difficult to understand how anyone could get to know someone in this short period of time to propose.” Just imagine how your partner feels.

Moreover, on the note of Kwame’s parents wanting him to marry someone within their culture, 1) that is not unheard of and 2) him telling Chelsea that very important piece of information almost a week out from the wedding is a cop-out. Once again, Kwame, what in the world are you doing on multiple dating shows (peep his alleged “Married At First Sight” cameo) not having these earnest discussions with your parents?! Also, to lovely African parents, if your child is seemingly always dating outside of the culture — and that is of concern — a conversation should’ve been had long ago. (I imagine they had one, though Kwame doesn’t adhere to the same priorities as his folks, but why bury the lede?!)

In conclusion, I’m having a very hard time believing that Kwame likes this woman. I’m so serious. Because all of these things, coupled with the timing, are just big, big, big non-negotiables that should’ve been discussed off-rip. Maybe it’s the immigrant kid in me, but I would absolutely need my parents’ blessing before doing something like this; if not, I’d at least tell my partner immediately what the situation was. I would like everyone involved — Chelsea, Kwame, etc. — to touch grass. — Ruth

I generally agree with this sentiment, but the only caveat I’ll add is ... if you care about your parent’s approval. Some people gon’ do what they wanna do, regardless of what their parents say. And to those people, I say, sign up for this mess like the rest of these people! — Erin

Josh Came Back Like A Tasmanian Devil Stirring Up Mess

I don’t remember much about Josh from the pods other than him and Marshall both wanting Jackie. I liked Marshall from the pods, but Josh always felt random and I don’t remember his connections from the first few episodes. Now, does it surprise me one bit that Jackie sat and listened to Josh at Chelsea’s birthday? Absolutely not. He has the chaotic vibes that Jackie is used to in relationships. He IS her type. I kept screaming at her to “get away from him!” Too bad she couldn’t hear me. — Erin

According to Astrology Island, that man is *checks notes* a DOUBLE Gemini with a dangly earring. I knew it was a wrap. Time to pack it up. I say this as a Gemini woman: You will never see me defending Gemini men. Just demonic. — Ruth

As soon as this man came on my screen, I hollered “I want him OUT!” He’s a true agent of chaos, and not the good kind. The earring was a clear giveaway. Send him to “Too Hot To Handle” or another show full of unserious individuals, because his purpose in life is to be annoying — with that loud-ass voice production couldn’t drown out, even when he wasn’t on-screen — and cause hell. And you know what? Maybe Jackie and he deserve each other the way they like to wreak havoc. — Taryn

Marshall’s Pancakes Made Me Want To Be His Wife, Albeit Briefly

Whew, I was really rooting for Marshall. The man wears his emotions on his sleeve, is gentle, is patient, and made the most perfect-looking pancakes. But um, I guess he ain’t really that kind. That “I saw you as a project” comment to Jackie was NASTY work. He saw potential in her and thought he could get her to a place where she could communicate her emotions to him. He wanted her to trust him, and then in the big blow-up argument he was the actual worst by saying, and doubling down, that he was trying to work on her. Marshall, this is not Build-A-Bear; you are not putting together a puzzle. Does Jackie need help dealing with her emotions? Yes. Should any person who is not her therapist be “working on her”? Hell no. Guess I’l have to keep making my own pancakes.

Therapy Should Be A Requisite Before Going On 'Love Is Blind'

Some sort of therapy should be a requisite for each person before they go through the “Love Is Blind” process. Jackie — and all of her emotional unavailability — is a prime example. Since the beginning, Marshall has been showing up with an open heart, a chef’s hat and a safe haven for Jackie’s instability, only to be met with a constant cloud of doubt.

Marshall was never really Jackie’s type. In Episode 8, Marshall recounts an off-camera falling-out they have after Jackie tells Marshall he needs to “boss up” and essentially tells him that he’s not a man. Marshall decides to leave their apartment that evening and return the next day. Upon returning, Jackie is packing. They start arguing, on-camera this time, about Jackie’s issue with Marshall’s lack of aggression. She tells him they aren’t having enough sex and she says he’s “irking the shit out of me.” Marshall is visibly hurt and confused as he defends himself.

This argument is ugly for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Jackie could’ve approached Marshall about her sex needs without attacking him. But also, and more importantly, she’s demanding Marshall change who he is as a person, as if he’s inadequate because he doesn’t display the stereotypical machismo qualities she’s attracted to. She disregarded his feelings when he told her how it made him feel.

But Jackie wasn’t the only one in the wrong here. Marshall admitted that he saw Jackie “as a project.” Marshall does have love for Jackie in this show. However, the “I can fix them” mindset might be just as toxic as Jackie wanting Marshall to change who he is as a person.

Marshall is not ready for marriage for a very different reason Jackie is not ready for marriage. Marshall has to reevaluate certain ways that he approaches relationships and understand not just what his partner needs, but also what he needs in them. Jackie was just nasty to Marshall from the jump because she was looking for an out. They were never compatible. It’s just unfortunate that the world gets to see the ugliest parts of what looks like an oncoming trainwreck.

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