2 'Love Is Blind' Cast Members Finally Meet Their Exes In Latest Episodes

At last, Jessica tested out whether Jimmy would choke when he saw her.
Jessica in Season 6 of "Love is Blind."
Jessica in Season 6 of "Love is Blind."

We’re less than a week away from the “Love Is Blind” Season 6 finale.

As the couples get closer to their wedding days, audiences see them meet the parents — and catch up with their exes from the pods. Jessica and Jimmy, and Chelsea and Trevor finally catch up at a barbecue with the rest of the crew. We also see Sarah Ann and Jeramey jet ski off into the distance with each other, after Jeramey’s fallout with Laura over his parking lot rendezvous.

HuffPost reporters and editors chatted about the most recent episodes of “Love Is Blind.” See below for our conversation.


Netflix Left Us With A Major Cliffhanger On 'Love Is Blind'

Of course Jimmy and Chelsea end up at an amusement park on their last date before the wedding. Their relationship has been a roller coaster ride all season. I’m mad Netflix left us on this cliffhanger. — Erin

I’d like them to break it off, but they probably won’t. It may happen at the altar though, and I have to admit that I’d like to see how that goes down. — Elyse

Nick And Vanessa Are Definitely Going To Ask This 1 Question At The 'Love Is Blind' Reunion

Yeah, so once again, bring back sex education in schools. Or at least basic reproductive biology lectures. A vasectomy targets two tubes called the vas deferens (hence the name), which produce sperm. Whole point of the operation is to stop the little swimmers. Very simple. I don’t know why he thought it was easily reversible, but I digress.

I will say I enjoy these two and their conversations, from hyphenating names to wedding arrangements. They clearly respect each other deeply, talk with such vulnerability and candor, and ultimately, want what is best for each other. They’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders! But I do hope they figure out a way to resolve this recurring conversation. — Ruth

So Amy has revealed more about the birth control conversation and cleared the air on Instagram. She says a lot was left out in the edit (shocker!) and that they definitely did discuss condoms. She also has a genetic hereditary disorder that she’d likely pass on to her children, which was part of the conversation. — Cambria

Honestly, I think production had a really hard time finding some kind of conflict in their relationship, and keeps on harping on this issue. I predict one of the first things out Vanessa Lachey’s mouth at the reunion will be, “So, have you guys done it yet? … And when am I getting my babies?” — Elyse

These Two 'Love Is Blind' Cast Members Deserve Each Other

Honestly, Jeramey and Sarah Ann deserve each other. Childish. — Erin

Do we really need to hash this one out? Neither are serious people. Go off and ride your jet skis and get off my TV. — Elyse

This 'Love Is Blind' Moment Was A Big Fail By Netflix Producers

Let me just say this: Sarah Ann, you know you’re dead wrong. To claim that AD has any sort of animus towards you — then start crying and whining about “interrogation” and people judging you — just further proves that you feel culpable. Lest we forget the old saying: How you get them is how you lose them.

“I have real feelings, and they’re valid!” Eh, not always. Feelings aren’t facts, and the fact of the matter is that he did not choose you. He was engaged to someone else. Your message was not purely benevolent. Then for you, Sarah Ann, to claim that if Jeramey already had doubts, he shouldn’t have been with her in the first place? As a means to absolve yourself of responsibility? Pathetic. — Ruth

You said it perfectly, Ruth. Sarah Ann is a clown and takes as much accountability as Jeramey does. Two clowns deserve to be in a special clown car on their way to the circus together. — Taryn

OK, so I agree that Sarah Ann was dead wrong. But I’m confused as to why AD ended up being the one in the middle of it. Their whole conversation was really awkward to me. At one point, AD goes, “I’m not here to interrogate you.” But … she literally was interrogating her!! I get standing up for your bestie Laura, but this conversation went on too long, and I just kept thinking it was weird that AD was the one confronting Sarah Ann. — Erin

I was also a little confused why AD was the one confronting Sarah Ann instead of Laura. Man, it would have been FUN to see Laura drag Sarah Ann like she dragged Jeramey! Why didn’t we get that conversation, Netflix?? Instead we got this, and I’m sorry, but I just don’t think confrontation is AD’s strong suit. We’ve seen that time and time again with Clay, so she’s the last person I needed to see confront Sarah Ann about all of this mess. — Cambria

I’m not sure if producers facilitated an interaction between these two — because I don’t recall Laura and AD being super close, but then again, maybe I didn’t pick up on it while watching — but I’m just glad somebody clocked Sarah Ann’s tea. Because I doubt anyone else had it in them to do so. — Ruth

I don’t think we’ve seen much about the women’s relationships with one another this season, but it seems like Laura was close with several of the women in the house, including AD, and she got a bad edit that made her seem like a mean girl.

I also think Laura clearly had it in her after what we’ve seen! I just don’t think Netflix gave us that in the edit or in the production. I’d prefer them to have facilitated that interaction, and not what we got. A big fail by producers in my opinion. — Cambria

Now Cambria, this is where we disagree. LOL. Laura is a mean girl. Even her parents think so! — Erin

I think she just never really liked Jeramey. He rubbed her the wrong way from the beginning and so she was mean to him, which people now think is her being “cruel.” And she was right about him! She seems to be friends with most of the women from the pods, so I’ll die on this hill! — Cambria

OK, reining this conversation back to why I think AD confronted Sarah Ann. I think AD has a lot of insecurities about her own relationship, and this is how it came out. Sarah Ann facilitated a situation in which she gave Jeramey a reason to cheat, and that’s the biggest issue in AD’s relationship with Clay. I honestly feel like AD misdirected her insecurities here, and Sarah Ann is a very easy target. — Elyse

Jeramey Wore The 1 Thing He Knew Would Piss Laura Off On 'Love Is Blind'

OK, Jeramey showed up to that barbecue with guns blazing by wearing that Hawaiian shirt! He wanted to stir up some drama and he sure did — and I found it hilarious how the other guys verbalized that they didn’t want to be anywhere near him. Jeramey wasn’t “100% ready to try” again with Laura after she busted him for hanging out with Sarah Ann. If he were, he would’ve established way firmer boundaries with Sarah Ann than he did out of respect for Laura. Jeramey also told Laura that he already packed up all of her stuff, so how the hell was he really trying to fix things with her? If he took the time to pack her things, he’s clearly moved on. I honestly just think Jeramey is upset that Laura is so directly and fiercely calling out his insincerity. I don’t care if Trevor thought Laura was being “scary” at the barbecue, I think she was pretty justified. — Elyse

Jimmy Gets Mad About Chelsea Saying Amy And Johnny Are The Strongest Couple

This moment when Chelsea says that Amy and Johnny are the strongest couple was so awkward! I was kind of surprised by Jimmy’s reaction. But also, during the whole barbecue scene, I was waiting for one of them to erupt over something. I’m surprised it wasn’t about either of them talking to their exes. — Erin

I mean, Chelsea didn’t lie here. I get why Jimmy was upset about it, though. Chelsea has been nothing but insecure about their relationship so it wasn’t just a “joke.” HOWEVER, I feel like a lot of the couples have been competitive this season like it’s “Amazing Race” or something. There’s no cash prize. Everyone is on their own journeys, and I get that comparisons may come up, but I’ve noticed that’s been a really weird theme that’s come up this season. — Taryn

Jimmy’s reaction to this was when I realized that I think he really does love Chelsea, or at least has feelings for her. But maybe it’s just the competition factor that Taryn mentioned. He seemed hurt by her not thinking they’re the strongest couple. I guess I’m just really surprised that he may have actually liked her and possibly wasn’t faking it. — Cambria

This 'Love Is Blind' Rumor Is Pretty Juicy

Chelsea wants to leave Jimmy sooooo badly. LMAO. I want her to be serious for a second, but I fear she just doesn’t know how to. She straight-up told Trevor “You’re my type” and Trevor saw that as his greenlight to dirty mack.

When Trevor asked, for the second time, if she would’ve said yes to him had he proposed first, Chelsea said no. I don’t believe her. And I think if Chelsea had the open lane to get with Trevor again she would. She was low-key ready to put them damn matching “thinking about you” bracelets on with him. — Taryn

I predict they tried dating after the show, and we’ll find that out at the reunion (if Chelsea or Jimmy say no). I feel like some of these couples that didn’t work out had to have tried dating or hooked up or something. But also this season’s drama has been kind of a letdown when it has come to Jessica-Jimmy and Chelsea-Trevor so I also won’t be surprised if we learn nothing new or juicy. — Cambria

OK, I know this is gossip, but there is a rumor Trevor was in a serious relationship during the entire duration of filming. The “proof” is pretty sketch, IMO. But Trevor has made A LOT of “LIB”-related content on his TikTok page, and it does make me feel like he came on the show for social media clout. The fact that he’s so into Chelsea also gives me pause because, ugh, she’s Chelsea and so annoyingly needy. Because of this, I’m having a hard time taking whatever this conversation was that seriously. A part of me feels like Trevor just wanted more air time to make more content on TikTok. — Elyse

Why In The World Do The Men On 'Love Is Blind' Think Matthew Looks Like This Character?

AD was a little too curious for my liking when they said that. Like, girl, do you not remember how he was trying to manipulate you? — Taryn

And Clark Kent doesn’t move me. At all. He is literally fictional. When it comes to this pod group, I wouldn’t trust a lick of what anyone is saying with respect to celebrity comparisons, especially after the Chelsea-Megan Fox situation. — Ruth

LOL, Ruth. The guys were definitely gassing Matthew up, and I was so concerned watching this scene. Clark Kent is handsome. Matthew is not. AD’s curiosity has me questioning everything about her lol. — Erin

OK, I disagree, I actually do think Matthew is a pretty decent-looking guy. But so was Ted Bundy, so … — Elyse

This Talk On 'Love Is Blind' Was A Major Disappointment

Another disappointment. I wanted to see Jimmy choke so bad, but it was Jessica who choked. I mean she gagged like this man looked like a Greek god.

Aside from that, I really liked their conversation. There was just so much mutual respect here, for Chelsea, too. I don’t think I expected Jimmy to be so mature and thoughtful when he met her. After this conversation, I really do think that Jimmy has a real adoration for Jessica and just was challenged beyond his comfort zone. I still don’t like how he was acting in the pods and on honeymoon, but this conversation shows that Jimmy actually might’ve experienced some of the growth Clay keeps claiming he’s had. — Taryn

I just really don’t see the attraction that these women see in Jimmy, but I digress. It’s a shame that Jimmy wasn’t able to handle Jessica simply being something different than he was used to in the pods because I also saw mutual respect, and I think they could have been a cute couple. But yeah, this was a disappointment and not at all what I expected. — Cambria

The convo was respectful and mature, but what the hell did Jimmy mean when he told Jessica: “In reality, you’re my No. 1 still.” What is that?! I feel like these two still very clearly have feelings for each other, and it’s hard to watch. — Elyse

A 'Love Is Blind' Cast Member Is Having A Redemption Arc — And We Support It

I hate to say this: I am increasingly supportive of Jimmy’s redemption arc. I actually wish that he stood 10 toes down and told Chelsea plainly, unwaveringly that he could not marry her. These two have potential, sure, but Chelsea’s insecurities continue to get in the way of progress. I could see them dating and taking it slowly, but Jimmy was right! You cannot have a healthy, lifelong relationship with someone who continually doubts if their partner loves them. I’m actually annoyed that she coaxed him into moving forward. — Ruth

Okay, I disagree. I think these two have zero potential. They’re a shit show, and I’m so sick of their makeup conversations. I wish he would have just stuck with the whole not marrying her thing instead of getting sucked back in. She is an insecure mess. I am also here for Jimmy’s redemption arc though. I’m totally team Jimmy! — Cambria

I gained a lot of respect for Jimmy during this fight and makeup conversation, though I do wish he had just cut her free. His gut and a four-hour walk was telling him no, and he should’ve stuck to his guns. Honestly, I wish they broke it off there, because that fight wasn’t a “hiccup” — as Chelsea described it — it was Chelsea’s insecurities at full blast. This is going to happen again … and again … and again. And I just can’t anymore with this toxic dynamic. This is not love, this is two people trying to prove something, and no one’s buying it. Also, was anyone else annoyed that Chelsea didn’t take full accountability for this argument? I think she was completely in the wrong, but made it out like both of them said things they shouldn’t have. Maybe it was the edit, but from what I saw, I didn’t think Jimmy did anything worthy of an apology. — Elyse

I agree, Elyse! Chelsea was fully in the wrong, and she kept framing her apology as though they both should be saying sorry for something they did. I definitely kept saying to myself, now, what did Jimmy do, exactly? — Erin

Yeah, and I fear that’s going to continue in their relationship. Chelsea is never wrong, but like, she’s wrong most of the time. — Elyse

Love Is Clearly Not Blind — And AD Needs To Step Up

Clay doesn’t need to be in any relationship if he believes cheating is hereditary. These “fears” didn’t just come out of the blue. You must’ve had them before you got here. And I’m mad at AD for not peeping that he keeps bringing this up and getting in his ass about it. Like sis, stand up! Love ain’t that damn blind! — Taryn

Love isn’t blind at all. It has astigmatism, at best. I’m so tired of him. If you’re going to cheat, stop priming AD and just get it over with. My God. I don’t know what the rules are around couples splitting up in the experiment, but echoing your sentiment Taryn, I don’t think I could say yes to a man who is so fixated on infidelity. — Ruth

Yeah, I agree with you both. I need AD to get on him more! Call him out! It feels like she is tiptoeing around all of this because she doesn’t want to give him any more excuses to say no to her at the altar. I do have empathy for Clay around all of the cheating stuff and the infidelity trips that he has likely revealed to his mom for the first time. That has to be really hard. But go to therapy, my dude! — Cambria

I agree with all of this. because I don’t know how many more ways Clay can convey to AD that he’s grooming her for cheating. It’s becoming exhausting. AD wasn’t kidding when she said in the first episode that if she sees red flags, she paints her nails to match. I do, however, like that AD put her foot down and directly told Clay she’s not going to continue dating him if he says no at the altar — that’s at least something. — Elyse

I’m also just not fully convinced she wouldn’t end up dating him if he said no at the altar. But we shall see! — Cambria

Clay, Again, Reveals He Knows Nothing About Weddings

I thought this moment was hilarious. AD pulls out some pictures of the colors she wants her bridesmaids to wear and Clay is like, oh that’s great, but I don’t know about that color for me. I had to laugh. He is so oblivious to what goes on in a wedding — remember he didn’t know about the rings — and every time the show reveals that it makes me question why he signed up for this process. — Erin

Yes, once again I have to ask, why did this man sign up for this show?! Not only does he need therapy, but he knows little to nothing about weddings and is completely unprepared for all of this. I wish AD would run. — Cambria

Chelsea Was Deadass Wrong For This On 'Love Is Blind'

This was the perfect reminder to not engage in drunk arguments. I was really disappointed that Chelsea had me taking Jimmy’s side here. So apparently Jimmy went out with friends for about an hour and a half, which isn’t long in my opinion. Mackenzie, a woman in the pod squad Jimmy has never met in person, was also there. She texted Chelsea asking where she was at because Jimmy is at the bar partying. It sounds like she was trying to be messy, but I won’t dwell on that since we didn’t see the messages. Chelsea’s insecurities reared their head like they always do and she reached as far as she could questioning Jimmy’s character.

She questioned him about his relationship with a friend — whom she met — he had sex with in the past. This was after he asked her not to reveal that information on camera for the privacy of his friend. She accused him of being with Jessica, which felt like she was fishing for him to slip up. And she essentially accused him of selling her a dream and told him that she didn’t want to be with him. Jimmy is absolutely no saint here, but Chelsea was dead ass wrong here. And I really think she picked this fight because she knows in her heart that she’s not happy with him. — Taryn

Chelsea’s simmering insecurities were at full boil during her fight with Jimmy over him leaving to go to a friend’s birthday party. This was not a Jeramey situation where he came home at 6 a.m., and I agree, Taryn, that this fight was kind of roundabout way for her to express that she’s not that happy in this relationship — because implying that someone should never go out with their friends is a straight up bonkers request! It just shows that she was full of shit when she met Jimmy’s female friends, and I was also horrified that she said on camera that he slept with one of them. I mean, this whole confrontation was a bad look for Chelsea. I hope for her sake, she really was drunk. — Elyse

I just do not have the energy to discuss these two or their fights anymore. They’re exhausting. — Cambria

1 Thing Proves Just How Healthy This 'Love Is Blind' Relationship Really Seems To Be

Earlier in the season, Amy said she would not go through with the wedding if her father didn’t give his blessing. So I can only imagine that Johnny felt a ton of pressure when he finally met her dad, David. I thought it was touching to see Amy and her dad get really emotional in this moment. — Erin

I felt like Amy really gassed up her dad to be this tough guy who likely wouldn’t give his blessing, but maybe that was just the way Netflix edited it? He seemed really sweet and doesn’t seem like he has a problem with these two getting married. — Cambria

As a viewer, I felt her dad giving Johnny his blessing was so anticlimactic. But I think it just signifies how healthy this relationship is thus far — now let’s see what happens when they finally have sex. — Elyse

This 'Love Is Blind' Mom Was The Sweetest Ever

AD’s mom Jacqueline seems sweet. A little too sweet. I get being happy for your daughter, but I really wanted her to charge Clay up. AD is the only one who’s asked Clay the tough questions, and even then she gives up after he talks in circles. I don’t like it. Of course, AD has committed to doing the hard work in the relationship, but Clay has only committed to kind of but not really trying to be a good husband and not cheat on her. — Taryn

LOL, I know! Jacqueline was so kind and I loved seeing her root for her daughter and their one-on-one conversation was so beautiful. It definitely seemed like AD needed that chat. I did appreciate that she told Clay to get a grip about his parents’ marriage. She basically says he is self-sabotaging in the relationship with AD by constantly bringing up his father’s infidelity. I cheered during this moment because I really do want him to move past this and work on his own feelings about commitment. — Erin

I loved Jacqueline so much and I love watching her relationship with AD. They just seem like the sweetest mother-daughter duo. I do see now where AD gets her kindness from and how Jacqueline approached the conversation with Clay seemed similar to how AD has approached him all season. Yes, AD has asked tough questions, but I don’t think she has been tough enough on Clay. I think she gives him the benefit of the doubt a little too much and I’d like to see her call him out more. — Cambria

So Many Lies Were Told During This 'Love Is Blind' Scene

I could not believe the lying that was happening during the meetup between Chelsea, Jimmy and his parents. Jimmy’s parents seem like they’re just happy for their son, and glad he’s found someone which is nice to see. But then Chelsea, at one point, says “we communicate so well,” and I almost threw the remote. This couple has spent so much of the process arguing and making up that it seems really wild for her to just offer up this lie. “I don’t even think they’ve been fights,” she says, when Jimmy brings up their arguments from past episodes. Jimmy and Chelsea love to act like everything is all roses in front of other people, but then get home and act a fool. I’m tired of it. — Erin

Yeah it’s all part of their picture perfect relationship to family and friends, but you’re on a reality TV show. Like it’s all going to come out eventually? I really can’t stand how they focus on their arguments making them “stronger” and not being “real fights.” These two are delulu. I did think Jimmy’s parents seemed sweet, though. — Cambria

Yeah, this relationship is completely performative. Maybe the reason why I just can’t with these two anymore is because I’ve been there, and it’s not a way to live. They’re both going to feel like they’re just acting after a while, and resent one another. Both need to just move on, I know relationships are difficult, but it shouldn’t be this difficult right off the bat. — Elyse

There Were Many Cracks In Jeramey's Story On 'Love Is Blind' — And TikTokers Spotted Them

Jeramey’s mom knew he was full of shit with that “what had happened was” story. Laura was supposed to be meeting his mom the day he walked in the house at 6 a.m. after “dropping off” Sarah Ann at her house, but opted not to. Smart lady. Jeramey told his mom the same version of the story he told Laura (after he got caught lying) and his own mom didn’t even believe him. I’m really glad she didn’t coddle him at that moment because it seemed like it wanted brownie points for not doing anything “inappropriate” in his eyes. He really needs to take accountability for being a thot while having a whole fiancé at home. — Taryn

Not to mention that now it’s come out in TikToks and Instagram comments that he was engaged to be married and living with a woman and her son only two weeks before going on “Love Is Blind.” It seems pretty incriminating and he didn’t deny any of the claims on Instagram. He pretty much just said that he told people in the pods and none of it is a surprise. But it all seems pretty sus and I’m sure his mom is pretty much over him and his BS at this point. — Cambria

Funniest part about all of this is the Charlotte residents on TikTok verifying that the bar where he met with Sarah Ann and allegedly talked in the parking lot (or alleyway?) does not, in fact, have a parking lot. Mans is full of it. — Ruth

Hahaha, if they were in an alleyway, I can guarantee they were not “just talking.” I honestly don’t understand why Jeramey didn’t just wait to hash things out with Sarah Ann at the barbecue like everyone else. The only thing I can think of is that Jeramey wanted to let her know that the door was still open for her. — Elyse

Here's What Happened On Episodes 7-9 Of 'Love Is Blind'

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