1 Couple Calls It Quits On 'Love Is Blind' — But The Drama Is Just Beginning

Netflix just released three new episodes — and it's a roller coaster ride.

Netflix just released three new episodes from Season 6 of “Love Is Blind” on Wednesday — and the drama is yet another roller coaster ride this week.

All of the couples go through ups and downs in Episodes 7-9 — with one couple calling it quits in one of the most confusing conversations we’ve seen all season. The couples settle back home in Charlotte, North Carolina, meet each other’s friends and families, and have big conversations about race, parenthood and their fears. We even get to see the return of Jessica, who has emerged as a fan favorite for her tell-it-like-it-is moments on the show.

But now that everyone is back to their new reality, the couples’ worries and uncertainties have come into clear focus.

HuffPost reporters and editors chatted about this week’s episodes in this live-blog post. Catch up below.


Who Actually Should Get Married?

Sarah Ann and Jeramey should get married. She could wear a Hawaiian-print gown and he could wear a red, white and blue tux. They can exchange their vows in the parking lot of Sarah Ann’s apartment building, where they first proclaimed their love for each other. For the reception, they can serve bean dip and Jeramey can slap Sarah Ann’s boob. It would be the epitome of romance.

Honestly, I think the only couple who should maybe get married is Johnny and Amy, but please, someone buy them a sex-ed textbook. These two need to brush up on the basics.

I think if AD and Clay got married, AD would feel neglected a lot of the time, and I like her way too much for her to have that kind of future. Chelsea and Jimmy have way too toxic of a dynamic for either one of them to grow or feel content. If they do get married, they’re going to get swept up in this pattern of Chelsea feeling insecure, demanding validation from Jimmy and Jimmy feeling burned out by it. They scream having resentment toward each other in the future. — Elyse

LMAO Elyse, I’m right there with you on the Sarah Ann and Jeramey of it all. Like, go be in love and live happily ever after since y’all were planning on doing that all along anyway. The drama of it all is just so Lifetime.

Johnny and Amy are definitely going to get married and likely be the happiest ones at the reunion. Their issues regarding birth control are serious, but they seem like the most willing couple to work through adversity, aside from Sarah Ann and Jeramey. (After all, the only thing standing between you and the love of your life is his fiancee, apparently.)

Everyone else needs to break up expeditiously. — Taryn

TARYN!! I’m cackling over “After all, the only thing standing between you and the love of your life is his fiancee, apparently.” — Elyse

It’s a real bummer that there is only one couple I actually think should get married, and that's Johnny and Amy, of course. I miss the days of Tiffany and Brett, Kwame and Chelsea, and Bliss and Zack. There was drama, but there were also solid couples who really were in love with one another. I don’t think we’ll get anything like Season 4 ever again.

I’d root for AD and Clay to get married if he were to go to a lot of therapy and come back to her, but I also don’t think she deserves to wait or deal with any of that. Laura and Jeramey are not long for this world and I don’t think Jeramey and Sarah Ann are either. Chelsea and Jimmy are a nightmare. I’m not going to lie, though — I’d be into seeing Jimmy and Jessica or Chelsea and Trevor giving it a go. I’d love to have watched those couples play out on this season. But Chelsea had to ruin that for us all, too. — Cambria

So, Johnny and Amy will make it to the altar, and genuinely should get married. I could see them having a happy future together! Chelsea and Jimmy should not get married, but I have a feeling they’ll make it to the altar — though one of them will say no. I really don’t care for Jeramey and Laura, so I have no thoughts on them. (Sorry, you two are annoying, weird and boring all at once.) Then, I think AD and Clay will make it to the altar, but by the time we have a reunion, they may have split up. I don’t like to undermine “Black love blah blah blah," but he needs to do a lot of self-work. — Ruth

Laura Dragged Jeramey To Hell On 'Love Is Blind'

This scene when Laura confronts Jeramey about coming in at 5 a.m. was orchestrated so perfectly. The buildup to Laura saying I know you were north of Uptown where Sarah Ann lives was so satisfying. I have been hot and cold on Laura and Jeramey all season, but now I am COMPLETELY off them. — Erin

Laura dragged this man and I was so here for it. — Cambria

Jeramey’s sneaky rendezvous with Sarah Ann was way too amateur for Detective Laura. Turns out her paranoia about the Sarah Ann DM were spot on, and helped her quickly piece together where her fiance was at 5 a.m. I feel like Laura is the opposite of Chelsea. She’s a lot, but she knows herself, is a good communicator and is not going to let a man walk all over her. — Elyse

Baby, my jaw was on the floor. If Jessica telling Jimmy that he’s going to “choke” when he sees her is my favorite “Love Is Blind” moment, this is my second favorite. I don’t even like Laura. I think she is mean and can be cruel. But that cruelty came in handy as she walked Jeramey down into his own lies. She said, what do I look like watching your location at 5 a.m.? And when he lied about where he was like she knew he would, she pulled out the big joker, like actually I was watching your location and you’re caught. It was very “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay” by Whitney Houston-coded. I had to clap. — Taryn

Chelsea Is Constantly Trying To Prove Her Relationship On 'Love Is Blind'

Chelsea says Jimmy makes her feel seen and heard, and I’m just so confused about why she is lying here? I feel like constantly their arguments are about her NOT being seen or heard. They keep putting on this front like everything is all good when it’s not. Also, since Chelsea is so insecure, I’m not even sure if she’s being truthful about being OK with Jimmy having close friends who are women. — Erin

Totally agree with you, Erin! The way Chelsea was talking about their relationship to Jimmy’s friends felt very performative and delusional. But, I have to admit, I kind of started liking Jimmy after seeing the cute way he interacted with his friends. His face lit up when he saw them! I really hope that if he stays with Chelsea, she doesn’t fuck up their friendship out of pure paranoia. — Elyse

I found Chelsea’s interactions with his friends so cringe. “I knew you were my girls when you asked what I was wearing. I was like, those are my girls!” I don’t know, everything about Chelsea, including how she interacts with other people, feels so fake to me. I definitely warmed up to Jimmy after seeing how he interacts with his family and friends. — Cambria

Chelsea is always trying to prove her relationship to everyone else to compensate for the denial that led to her being with Jimmy. Every time she talks about their relationship, it feels so forced and fake. I want her to know peace, but she has to want that more. — Taryn

None Of The Job Titles On 'Love Is Blind' Makes Any Sense

I loved Clay’s mom, Margarita. She seemed to have such a peaceful spirit. And how she frames her marriage to AD and Clay felt exactly right — she was married for 23 years and it didn’t work out, but it was a nice run. I wish Clay would find ways to look at his parents’ marriage like that, instead of making it seem like the biggest obstacle for him to get into a successful relationship of his own.

Also, when does Clay have free time? It sounds like he has 17 jobs. — Erin

OK, what exactly does Clay do, though? From what I can gather, it involves Jet Skis? I honestly don’t get it! It feels like this season everyone has job titles that make no sense to me. — Elyse

I love Clay’s mom. Like you said, Erin, I wish he would look at his mom as an example of what it looks like to be a good partner — not his loose-ass daddy. — Taryn

We Have An Unpopular Opinion About 1 'Love Is Blind' Cast Member

My favorite part of the scene where Jeramey meets Laura’s parents is her parents’ confessional to the camera. Her mom implying that Laura is a lot and her dad saying that if you “make her into a princess and put her on a pedestal, she’ll walk all over you” were quite the comments to make about your own daughter. I don’t think her parents buy this relationship, and frankly, neither do I. — Elyse

I know I’m in the minority, but I really appreciate Laura’s strong personality and that she doesn’t let people walk all over her. I think she probably is a lot, and I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing for the right person. I don’t think Jeramey is the right person for her at all. It seems like he brings out the worst in her, and that whole mean “joking” thing they do is part of that. I hope someone else could bring out a sweeter side of her. I also really like how she handled the whole situation with him and Sarah Ann meeting up. She was pissed, and rightly so, and I love how direct, honest and communicative she is about her feelings. Again, I’m definitely in the minority, but I dig her and I think she got a bad edit. She seems to be good friends with most of the other women in real life. — Cambria

Hey, I like Laura! I’ve liked her from the beginning! I just don’t think her and Jeramey are a good match. — Elyse

We might be the only two because everyone I talk to can’t stand her! — Cambria

Yes, Laura annoys me. BUT I definitely appreciated how she handled the Sarah Ann situation. She was very direct and it made Jeramey look really stupid. I found myself cheering for her then. — Erin

This 'Love Is Blind' Fan Favorite Needs To Be On Bravo — Stat

I love Jessica so much, lol. It really irks me that she didn’t end up being engaged because I think that she is incredibly smart and very funny. She’s had the best quotes all season and she didn’t disappoint in her one-on-one interview with production. “All of his exes look like me,” she says to the camera. “If I were to see Jimmy again, it’s going to be like dangling temptation right in front of his face.” Then, she clearly is talking to production and is like, “You know it’s true!!” I loved this and I lived for it. You go, Real Megan Fox! — Erin

It really sucks that the only truly likable person this season is barely on the show! Her interview with production made me laugh, but also how is Jimmy pulling girls who look like Jessica? That’s the real question of this season. — Cambria

'Cause, whew, that man is not cute. — Erin

They need to air how the camera crew responded to Jessica’s “dangling temptation” remark at the reunion. Just based on her brief interaction with them, I’m sure their facial expressions were pretty funny. — Elyse

I want to see Jessica on Bravo. Where’s “Real Housewives of Charlotte?” — Taryn

This Freudian Slip On 'Love Is Blind' Was Hilarious

I love that the production team captured Jessica’s Freudian slip when she was talking to Laura about the Sarah Ann and Jeramey situation. She clearly was trying to comfort Laura but instead of saying "Jeramey," she said "Jimmy." I really wish Jessica found Jimmy repulsive, though. (She tells Laura she doesn’t.) She can find someone so much better. — Erin

Also, Jessica was such a class act, saying that she hopes for Chelsea’s sake that they are in love. She also at one point said that Chelsea is beautiful in her own right. — Cambria

I said not this Freudian slip being a double-entendre, too! Jeramey is acting like I expected Jimmy to be acting with Jessica. I’m really just waiting for Jimmy and Jessica to finally meet. Shit is gonna hit the fan. — Taryn

Could A Zack And Bliss Moment Play Out On This Season Of 'Love Is Blind'?

So Laura took a picture of Jeramey’s phone when he got a DM from Sarah Ann, who asks Jeramey to meet her if he ever shifts his choice. I think Jeramey approached this situation the best way he could; he immediately showed Laura and then didn’t respond (aside from liking the message, which, hey, some people think of that as a response, sure, but I’m the kind of person who will like something just to acknowledge that it exists so I can move on). I also get why Laura was irked by Sarah Ann — but I think so much of this back-and-forth with this threesome is annoying to me because I do not care whether any of them actually end up together. There were moments when I was rooting for Laura and Jeramey because they have similar temperaments, but now they’re just getting on my nerves. Sorry, not sorry! — Erin

Yeah, agreed, Erin! I’m not super invested in this couple, so I really couldn't care less. I think this is just Laura stirring up some drama, honestly. If she was truly secure in their connection, she wouldn’t have cared. I also don’t think what Sarah Ann did was that bad? Considering that couples break up all the time on “LIB,” she was just shooting her shot. Maybe Sarah Ann thought it could pan out like Zack and Bliss? — Elyse

I think Jeramey handled this whole thing in the best way he could, but he really went off the rails with how he handled meeting up with Sarah Ann. I’m a little confused about what happened between the DM and then how poorly he handled their meeting. But you could see that he was still into Sarah Ann just based on his conversation with Amy on the beach during the honeymoons. He kept talking about Sarah Ann to the point that Amy felt uncomfortable. — Cambria

Chelsea Might Be The Most Insecure 'Love Is Blind' Contestant Ever

Wooo boy. These two. I’ve started to notice a pattern with Chelsea and Jimmy where they get in big fights or have a disagreement, and then immediately after act like nothing ever happened. They then proceed to talk about how the conflict “made them SO much stronger.” This happened after their disagreement over Jimmy talking about AD, and then happens again after this fight. It’s just a weird way to rationalize their fights as being “OK” this early on.

Also, Chelsea is clingy and this was all about her insecurity over Jimmy seeing a photo of Jessica. He shouldn’t have said what he said about the sex, but Chelsea is a nightmare, so I don’t blame him anymore. Her baby voice throughout this fight also drove me nuts. — Cambria

Chelsea is clingy because she’s insecure. This is just another reason why Chelsea needs to be in therapy and not getting married, because if she were in therapy she’d learn that what she has is an anxious attachment style, and she can’t rely on others to make her feel secure with who she is. She’s got to do that on her own. I also think that Chelsea has a certain vision of what she “thinks” love is supposed to look like — i.e., the person should kiss her every day and give her compliments all the time. That shit is shallow, Chelsea. Someone can go through the motions of performing cliched acts of affection, but secretly resent you. — Elyse

This is the kind of couple that would cause me to turn the TV all the way down and press my ear to the wall during their arguments if I was their neighbor, but it would get old quick. I feel like they’re arguing about the same shit every time and it just keeps getting worse. Chelsea’s insecurities are going to continue to show up and Jimmy is going to question his decision every time that happens. — Taryn

The baby voice sent me into the stratosphere. I would be so thoroughly irked and repulsed if my partner did that regularly. And these two are like walking powder kegs. Tracking kisses? Instructing him to say “I love you” a certain way? Are y’all on the playground, or are y’all grown adults getting married?

Jimmy also disclosed that he saw a picture of Jessica in an effort to be transparent with his fiancee, and Chelsea immediately jumped to conclusions. Then, when he expresses that you’re smothering him, you flip out. Girl, you have to work on that. Anxious attachment is IT, Elyse. — Ruth

This 'Love Is Blind' Breakup Conversation Was Just Plain Confusing

This breakup was so odd to me. I can’t tell if it was bad editing or if their conversation was just so stilted that it just literally didn’t make sense. I left this situation only wishing the best for Brittany because she just came across as a really lovely person who wanted to find love. She was open, honest and probably would have been fun to watch if she had been matched with someone who had a personality. — Erin

Honestly, I don’t totally understand Kenneth’s reasons for wanting to end their relationship either, Erin! He took no accountability for Brittany’s feelings and made it out like she was in the wrong for even expressing her concerns. Also, waking up someone in the middle of the night for affection, and then being mad that this person is annoyed rather than reciprocal, is bizarre and controlling. It’s like he’s only open to affection on his own terms. I honestly think he wasn’t feeling Brittany and was just looking for a reason to flee, so he used Brittany’s confrontation about her feeling like something was off as a way to break up. I also thought it was weird how he casually just called someone after they broke up and told him he was coming over. I’m convinced he was calling the aquarium to let Flipper know he’s single again. — Elyse

Kenneth is an odd duck and nothing about him ever made much sense to me, so I'm not totally surprised with the way he ended things with Brittany. I thought it was so weird that he tried to use waking her up in the middle of the night to prove that he does actually show affection and then gaslit her for not wanting the affection after being woken up out of sleep? The whole thing is really bizarre, and I agree with Elyse that he just wasn’t into her and used the confrontation as an opportunity to end things. Him proceeding to immediately go back on his phone while she was crying was just awful, and he has a lot of growing up to do. — Cambria

I truly just think these just weren’t a match. I don’t fault one over the other; I just don’t think their personalities mesh well together. Also, the fact that they are trying to get married on this show in their mid-20s felt like a lot. Like, slow down, y’all have time. Brittany deserves someone who is going to show up for her, and she doesn’t have to pull teeth to get them to communicate with or actually see her. Kenneth deserves someone who understands him. I don’t think either of them had that, and their final conversation illuminated that. They just move through the world differently and that’s OK. That spark wasn’t there. Brittany wanted it to be. Kenneth chose logic over empathy and made it easy to leave because it seems like he knew he wasn’t getting what he wanted either. I’m just glad they ended things before they wasted too much of each other’s time. — Taryn

The editing was … odd. I feel like their relationship lacked desire — actual, sensual desire and “crave,” as they said — and piggybacking off of Taryn, they’re just not each other’s person. It was telling that Kenneth was immediately ready to pack it up and call it quits. I don’t know whether to call it immaturity or self-awareness, but I have a feeling that this had been building up between these two. He struggled to bridge the disconnect and basically said, “That’s your experience, not mine, Brittany.” There was minimal effort made to be better for her, understand their respective love languages, etc. It was just an abrupt “that’s not enough for us to get married,” which is true, admittedly. Still annoyed with him for only giving Brittany one singular hug, but I do hope they find their people. — Ruth

We Have A Theory About Johnny And Amy On 'Love Is Blind'

OK, as much as I like this couple, I find this conversation kind of weird. Condoms exist, as do other forms of birth control. I get that Johnny wants to be extra safe, but this feels really severe to me — especially if they’re getting married and are planning on having kids. I get Amy not wanting to be on birth control, but the suggestion that Johnny get a vasectomy was WILD to me. I don’t believe that is reversible most of the time. To me, it seems like Amy and Johnny didn’t really get a thorough education on sex, and it’s very funny to watch. — Elyse

OK, Elyse, I’m glad you said this because I was thinking the same thing. When they brought up a vasectomy, I gasped! Every time they talk about sex, I’m like, HELLO, CONDOMS. — Erin

This conversation was super weird! They acted like there were no options in the world other than Amy getting on birth control or Johnny getting a vasectomy, which seems extreme. Sorry, but I think they’re definitely already having sex AND using condoms. — Cambria

Oh, I like this, Cambria! Maybe they are having sex already, and just don’t want their families to know? — Elyse

*Screams from a megaphone* We need to bring back sex education in the schools! STAT! And this conversation is not a Southern, Bible Belt-coded purity litmus test, per se, because Johnny is from New Jersey, so let’s get that out of the way. I completely understand not wanting kids until you’re financially secure; personally, I wholeheartedly agree. What I don’t understand is the residual trauma causing such a visceral reaction from Johnny regarding an unplanned pregnancy.

Did you accidentally get someone else pregnant in a previous relationship? Was there a pregnancy scare? What is the root cause of this concern? I know he alluded to wanting to be better than his parents, which is valid, but I am still bewildered. I wish they knew that other options and forms of birth control are available — and I found it fascinating that the word “abortion” was not mentioned at all. But the beauty of being pro-choice is that one can handle a pregnancy however they please. — Ruth

Chelsea Might Not Look Like Megan Fox — But She Does Resemble These Celebrities

I love that when Chelsea asked her friends which celebrity they think she looks like, they all said Carrie Underwood and not Megan Fox, because that makes way more sense! I was also amused by Chelsea trying to defend the Megan Fox comparison to her friends by saying she looks like her because she has light eyes and dark hair. Bitch, I do too, but I do not look like Megan Fox! Also, I don’t want to do the Presley family dirty like this, but if I were to compare Chelsea to any celebrity, I’d say she looks like Riley Keough. — Elyse

I saw someone say that Chelsea actually looks like a mix between Adele and Natalie Nunn — and that’s where I’m at. But I found it so, so funny that they didn’t immediately bring up Megan Fox. — Erin

Yes, I keep seeing Adele and Natalie Nunn, which I totally get! I also do think she has some resemblances to Megan Fox, but she knows — and we all know — that she doesn’t actually look like her. I just think it’s funny that she brought it up to her friends on camera, and that’s because she knows that she said it to get Jimmy to choose her and it’s more than likely going to be used in the show. She told on herself by even bringing it up. — Cambria

I hollered! It really does give Adele and Natalie Nunn. The commitment to delusion is kind of admirable, though. I can’t lie. — Taryn

If I’m ever begging my friends to verify that I look like, let’s say, Zendaya, (when I, in fact, look nothing like her) to appease a man’s expectations? If I’m ever down that bad? Please pull me aside. That was so painful to watch, y’all. — Ruth

Kenneth Was Doing 1 Irritating Thing In Nearly Every 'Love Is Blind' Scene

Kenneth really showed his true colors when he got back to Charlotte and was reunited with his real true love — his phone. Do you think he was texting with a dolphin that whole time? Dude REALLY likes dolphins. — Elyse

Elyse, LMAOOOOO. I was so, so annoyed seeing Kenneth all up in his phone immediately after the honeymoon. It was like every scene! Brittany was trying to get their apartment set up and there he was just on his phone. They were in the middle of a conversation on the couch and there he was on the phone. I wanted Brittany to snatch that phone right out of his hands. Kenneth makes for a terrible partner just off the strength of this — and he’s not coming across well on this show. Like, what is his personality? — Erin

I was LIVID. I think Kenneth is the type of person who has been adultified and called “an old soul” his entire life, so he thought that at age 25, marriage is the natural next step. But he clearly does not have the emotional intelligence or bandwidth to be a cognizant husband yet. Like, sir, Brittany is crying and you gave her one lil’ hug? I almost wanted to throw my remote at the TV. — Ruth

I was already feeling bad for Brittany, but these scenes just made me feel even worse for her. I also love how they edited him talking about how amazing it was to be off his phone and unplugging, along with the scenes of him just on his phone constantly. I was so irritated watching her try to talk to him and get the apartment set up while he just sat on his phone and ignored her. I’m glad she ended it pretty quickly after. — Cambria

Y’all are so right. Kenneth did not want to be there. He lit up when he got his phone back and was able to talk to his folks. We don’t know how he is in relationships, but it’s clear that he didn’t have enough of a connection with Brittany to get off of his damn phone and get to know her past the pods. He seems to know what a husband is on paper, but in practice, I didn’t see it. I barely saw partner. — Taryn

The 'Love Is Blind' Cast Members All Have 1 Surprising Thing In Common

I’m so impressed by how clean every apartment this season is. Did they all clean up a lot just in case they’d be bringing the cameras back? I don’t feel like in previous seasons any of the people were nearly as clean, nor did they talk about how clean they are like this cast. It felt like nothing interesting came from the couples seeing each other’s homes — at least not like Izzy’s drawer and paper plates last season. I was surprisingly impressed by both Clay and Jeramey’s spotless homes with nice decor. — Cambria

Also, Clay having that big-ass house definitely warmed me up to him — like, oh, he makes smart financial decisions and is able to own a home. He just seems so immature everywhere else that this really shocked me. — Erin

It did warm me up to him too, and he had a vision board! I just need him to go to therapy, and he could be great! — Cambria

OK, Jeramey’s home was super creepy to me! I felt very validated when Laura described it as “serial killer,” because I was thinking the same thing. And for Clay, I thought it was really cute that he had a vision board! — Elyse

Jeramey’s home was what I envisioned Matthew’s to be. It was uncomfortably immaculate. I’m like, "Do you live here, or is this an Airbnb?" — Taryn

I’m just glad we did not see flies in anyone’s toilet. (Looking at you, Cole from Season 3!) — Ruth

Clay Has Daddy Issues — And It's Kind Of A Bore On 'Love Is Blind'

Clay keeps talking about how suave his dad is, and he says it both on the honeymoon and again at his house. He also says that his dad might flirt with AD, which was just creepy. I found it all a little weird, but then it makes more sense when he goes on to talk about how his dad used to take him on infidelity trips where he’d cheat on Clay’s mom. It’s all really sad, and I have a lot of empathy for Clay and what he has been through with his parents and how it’s impacted him today. He is clearly scared of marriage and divorce because of what he watched unfold between his parents. He does want to be better and different from his dad in that sense, but he is scared that he can’t be.

I do like that he can communicate all of this and talk about it. I just think he shouldn’t have gone on this show before going to therapy. Why do all of these contestants come on this show when what they really need is therapy? AD will end up being collateral damage in all this. — Cambria

It felt like an orchestrated moment where the producers were like: “OK! Trauma dump in three, two, one!” Like, personally, I did not need to know all that. I presume he and AD discussed it in the pods — hence why she was relatively unfazed by the discussion — but my God. Echoing Cambria, you should not go on this show if you haven’t done some internal work. Your parents’ words and actions will impact you for a lifetime, but at what point do you take some accountability, attempt to reverse the damage, and chart your own path? The self-awareness is the first step, but then what? You’re too grown for the “woe is me,” Clay. — Ruth

I honestly wonder if he’s sharing all these things because he wants there to be an excuse if he eventually cheats on AD — like, “I can’t help it; this is how I was raised.” It just seems like some weird foreshadowing to me. Also, when Clay said something along the lines of “my mom doesn’t know all the trips my dad took me on to cheat on her,” I kept on thinking, “Well, she knows now, buddy.” — Elyse

Clay’s daddy issues bore me. There’s nothing new and exciting about the brand of ain’t shit he’s bringing. He could’ve at least spiced it up. It gives “poor me, my daddy cheated on my mom and now instead of working it out in therapy, I’m going to use it as a non-committal crutch and go on a reality show where the objective is to get married but don’t be mad at me if I cheat.” Groundbreaking. — Taryn

Say that, Taryn! — Ruth

Kenneth Finally Showed Emotion On 'Love Is Blind' — And It Was Over An Animal

I had a feeling that Kenneth and Brittany wouldn’t have much to talk about on the outside. From what I could tell in the pods, a good majority of their conversations leaned on their faith and a bit about their backgrounds. They never really had much in common. Not to say that you have to have a lot of things in common with your partner, but something helps. They don’t have chemistry, just a shared love of Jesus. — Taryn

The “Love Is Blind” editors chose violence in this scene with Kenneth and Brittany on the boat. Like, it was mostly awkward silences! And then a short conversation about physical touch. Kenneth just seems so closed off to Brittany that I just want this to end immediately. — Erin

HAHA, this edit was so good. Give these editors an Emmy! Kenneth showed more emotion about the dolphins than anything having to do with Brittany this entire season. I really feel for her because it seems like she is trying, but he’s just giving her nothing. — Cambria

It really irritated me! Sir, if you don’t cuddle your partner on this once-in-a-lifetime boat experience?! Yes, you want a partner who you can sit in silence with and just enjoy their company, but there was little enjoyment to be found. Brittany clearly desired some intimacy, and Kenneth could not pick up on her signals (and even her direct ask). Once again, they maybe value each other as friends, but whether they actually desire each other on a romantic level? Questionable. — Ruth

That Whole Conversation About Race On 'Love Is Blind' Was Just Weird

When Brittany said that AD was making sure she would be able to uphold and/or wouldn’t derail a certain standard of “Black excellence,” I burst out laughing. I somewhat understood what she was trying to say — would she be able to keep their kids connected to Black culture and their community, was Kenneth thinking critically about their relationship, etc. — I had just never heard it worded in that way. She clearly meant so well, but didn’t articulate it properly.

What became clear to me from this conversation, though, is that Brittany has dated outside of her race before — specifically, Black men. Meanwhile, this seems like something a bit newer to Kenneth. It is beyond me that he, a Black man, is just now thinking about that with his partner. Seems very “Bachelor” Matt James-esque to me. That should’ve been discussed in the pods when they were touching on race and identity initially. — Ruth

I wrote this down because I was like WTF does this even mean, but Brittany said, word for word, that AD was making sure “he’s in the right head space of our Black excellence.” I’m glad you knew what she was trying to say, Ruth, because I sure as hell didn’t! — Cambria

This is what happens when “Black excellence” has become a buzzword with very little interrogation of its meaning! — Ruth

I’ve already gotten to a place of cringe when I hear the words “Black excellence,” but hearing those words come out of a white woman’s mouth took it to a new level. Brittany. Girl. I know you’ve dated Black men before, but you don’t have to repeat everything you hear on Black TikTok. — Taryn

Another thing that I clocked as weird was that Brittany kept saying, “I identify as a white woman; she identifies as a Black woman.” Like, girl, you don’t get to identify as anything. You’re a white woman. It was such an odd way to word it. Maybe she was nervous, but it felt like she was a PC robot that was malfunctioning. — Cambria

Right, Cambria. Like, bless your heart, dear. Still laughing at the fact that she said of “our Black excellence,” because who is the “our” in that situation, beloved? You are Caucasian! However, I will say, I am glad that she deferred to Kenneth’s opinion as opposed to becoming defensive about AD asking a very valid question: Is she equipped to raise Black children? And what Kenneth said really does ring true; my people are going to want to see your allyship and commitment in action, not just empty words.

The two definitely like each other, but there is much more to be discussed about the viability of their partnership. — Ruth

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