Maria Menounos Embraces Her Cancer Surgery Scars In Beaming Bikini Selfie

Menounos explained why her scars make her smile in a thoughtful caption.

Maria Menounos says she is feeling blessed after recovering from pancreatic cancer surgery.

The TV presenter remarked on her own resilience in an Instagram post on Sunday in which she showed her surgery scars in a bikini selfie.

Menounos’ brown two-piece revealed a scattering of scars across her abdomen, a product of a January surgery to remove a tumor, part of her pancreas, her spleen, a large fibroid and 17 lymph nodes.

In the caption, the former E! News correspondent wrote, “I look back on surgery earlier this year and am grateful for the strength god blessed me with to get through and of course all of the beautiful humans that he sent to help me too!”

“Now I see the scars that I sunscreen up carefully to protect and I smile,” she said.

Menounos went public about her cancer diagnosis in May, telling People how she found out she had stage two pancreatic cancer not long after learning her surrogate was pregnant with her and her husband Kevin Undergaro’s first child.

“This whole year has been trauma, stress, crisis,” the mom-to-be told the magazine.

Menounos, who was also diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in 2017, told People she was grateful to be in good health before her baby girl arrives this summer.

“God granted me a miracle,” she said. “I’m going to appreciate having her in my life so much more than I would have before this journey.”

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