Marjorie Taylor Greene Thinks The Solar Eclipse Is God Telling Us Something

The Georgia Republican has once again skillfully made us pay attention to her.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said Friday’s 4.8-magnitude earthquake in the Northeast and the upcoming eclipse are signs from the Lord for Americans to repent.

“God is sending America strong signs to tell us to repent. Earthquakes and eclipses and many more things to come. I pray that our country listens,” the Georgia Republican posted on X (formerly Twitter) with the prayer hands emoji.

Does Greene, a onetime believer in Jewish space lasers — and notorious attention-seeker — really think the country is heading toward its doomsday? Is she just trolling us again? Does it even matter? Who’s to say!

For what it’s worth, scientists are able to accurately predict solar eclipses down to the minute, hundreds of years into the future. Both earthquakes and eclipses are occurrences able to be traced to the beginning of recorded human history.

"I pray that our country listens," Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene posted Friday.
"I pray that our country listens," Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene posted Friday.
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On Monday, a huge swath of the country will experience a total solar eclipse moving from the Pacific coast to Maine — a breathtaking natural wonder that few people experience more than once or twice in their lifetimes.

The U.S. Geological Survey recorded the minor earthquake centered in Lebanon, New Jersey, at around 10:30 a.m. Friday. It was felt up and down the East Coast, from Baltimore to New Hampshire.

Greene is known for making inflammatory remarks to boost her profile, from calling Jan. 6 a “little riot” to suggesting the Democratic Party is “the party of child abuse.”

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