Marjorie Taylor Greene

The Biden-trashing wrapping paper did not go down well.
The late-night host also revealed how it would go down if he ever invited the far-right lawmaker onto his show.
“Venom, score-settling, fiction, self-absolution, self-aggrandizement. Greene’s book, ‘MTG,’ has it all."
Rep. Robert Garcia shared the anecdote as he reacted to a "totally insane" Jan. 6 conspiracy theory pushed by Republicans over the weekend.
"It's now available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble and wherever other fine books are burned," the "Tonight Show" host said.
The far-right Republican congresswoman sought an invite to "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and critics had thoughts.
The early responses to the recently published "MTG" are in and ... oh, dear.
The late-night host slammed the Georgia Republican as "not a bright woman."
The Georgia Republican’s description of how Democrats behaved on Jan. 6, 2021, in her new book “MTG” were branded “patently false.”
Christopher Wray didn't hesitate in correcting Greene, who made a string of bizarre remarks at a hearing on Wednesday.