Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's Memorial Day Message Has A Massive Mistake

The conspiracy theorist lawmaker's holiday Twitter post had a key problem.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) sent out a Memorial Day message on Twitter ― but it was undermined by a very visible mistake.

Greene’s message contained a version of the U.S. flag with just 18 stars.

PatriotTakes, which monitors right-wing media, and several other critics spotted the error of the conspiracy theorist lawmaker, who has called for a “national divorce” and spoke last year at a white nationalist event:

No official U.S. flag had 18 stars.

It had 15 stars and 15 stripes at the end of the 18th and start of the 19th centuries. The addition of five states between 1797 and 1817 led to a flag with 20 stars and 13 stripes in 1818, which was quickly replaced by a succession of new flags as more states were admitted.

Antique American flag dealer Jeff Bridgman notes that “a tiny handful of 18 star flags exist,” which were created later to commemorate Louisiana’s statehood, given that it was the 18th state to join the union.

Others, however, offered criticisms of Greene beyond the flag ― such as her vote against legislation to expand federal aid for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits, as well as other actions and comments she’s made over the years:

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