Mom Confronts Starbucks Barista Over Credit Card Theft, Gets Results

"You come to Starbucks to get coffee, not to get robbed!"

A Starbucks customer was so steaming mad that a barista allegedly stole her credit card number, she served up a strong cup of revenge.

"We're gonna get even," California mom Elizabeth Becerra says on camera as she approaches the drive-thru window in Lakewood to confront the employee.

In YouTube video posted Jan. 3, the confrontation gets uncomfortable real fast, after Becerra informs the 19-year-old student that she was caught on surveillance vid at a supermarket using the victim's credit card digits to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of groceries.

After hearing the evidence against her, the barista says, "I'm sorry that I took money from you and your kids."

She asks Becerra not to press charges and offers to pay her back on the spot.

"You come to Starbucks to get coffee, not to get robbed!" Becerra snaps.

Starbucks told Fox News that the employee no longer works for the chain and called the incident "completely unacceptable."

A criminal report was filed but the victim declined to prosecute, a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokesman told The Huffington Post on Tuesday.

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