Viral video shows the man violently yanking the girl's arm on a park trail linking Washington, D.C., and suburban Maryland.
Responding to reports of looting, a Vallejo police officer shot Sean Monterrosa, who appeared to be surrendering to police when he was killed.
The adult film star is one of three people Spanish police arrested in connection with the death of a photographer who died after inhaling psychedelic toad venom.
The revelation came during a preliminary court hearing for Travis McMichael and his father Gregory McMichael.
Dorn, who was black, was found dead in front of his friend's pawn shop that had been broken into.
The officer was seen in a video kneeling on George Floyd's neck while he was restrained and pleading for air.
Famed trainer Jason Servis is among those accused of doping his horses, including Maximum Security, who briefly won last year’s Kentucky Derby.
The female suspect allegedly shouted “I have the coronavirus” before coughing what the police report called “copious amounts of saliva” into an EMT's face.
Inmates are facing bad conditions in prisons and jails nationwide. Correctional officers are at risk, too.
A Dutch TV show has aired security camera footage showing how an art thief smashed through a museum's glass doors and walked away with a prized painting.