Olivia Rodrigo Gets Whacked In Head With Flowers By A Jilted Fan

Video shows the “Drivers License” singer refusing a bouquet while greeting concertgoers at one of her shows.

Uh, bad idea, right?

On Wednesday, the pop culture account Pop Base shared a video on X, formerly Twitter, of a fan throwing a bouquet of flowers at Olivia Rodrigo’s head.

In the clip, the “Drivers License” singer is seen greeting concertgoers at one of her Guts tour shows. One female fan, wearing a baseball cap, tries to force Rodrigo to take her bouquet. But when the pop star ignores her, the jilted fan hurls the blooms at Rodrigo, apparently striking her on the side of her head.

The video, which was seemingly shot by X user @elusivlivs, was likely taken during Rodrigo’s stop at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night, according to other posts on the user’s account. Rodrigo’s 2024 tour dates included shows in the city between April 5 and 9.

The incident is in line with a current trend among concertgoers who feel emboldened to throw random items at musicians during live events.

In the past few years, Lady Gaga, Bebe Rexha, Pink, Drake and Harry Styles have all been involved in similar incidents.

Bebe Rexha may have had the most troubling encounter with a live audience member in June, when authorities said a 27-year-old fan named Nicolas Malvagna pelted her with a cellphone at a concert in Manhattan. The hit caused the singer’s neck to snap back before she fell to the floor.

Rexha later told police that she was in “substantial pain” due to the hit, according to a criminal complaint. Malvagna, who was charged with assault and harassment, allegedly told security at the venue that he’d thrown the phone at Rexha because he thought it “would be funny.”

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