Enjoy Watching Pete Davidson Get Hit In Hellmann's Super Bowl Ad

"I'm very hittable," the "Saturday Night Live" star says in a spot that tackles food waste.

Pete Davidson usually delivers punch lines. But in Hellmann’s Super Bowl commercial, posted this week, the “Saturday Night Live” comedian is the punchline. (Watch below.)

Hellmann’s mayonnaise attempts to spread the word about avoiding food waste in a spot for Sunday’s game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. Former NFL linebacker Jerod Mayo tackles anyone who throws out leftovers. Even Grandma isn’t safe.

Mayo is about to slam the “King of Staten Island” star, who’s munching chips at a buffet, but Davidson reassures him that his mother, Amy, is already tackling food waste.

Crisis averted, right?

Mayo returns to drill him anyway.

“I get it,” Pete says “I’m very hittable.”

Hellmann’s is hoping its investment won’t go to waste. Advertisers are paying up to $7 million for 30-second spots. This one clocks in at just under a minute.

That’s a lot of mayo.

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