Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Pop-Tart Football Mascot Who Craved Being Eaten

"I’m going to think of this clip any time I toast a Pop-Tart for the rest of my life."

Ah, the sweet taste of victory.

College football got a little weirder than usual on Thursday during the Pop-Tart Bowl ― an annual December game that’s undergone numerous name changes over the past three decades. (For the past three years, it was called the Cheez-It bowl.) This year’s game, in which Kansas State beat North Carolina State 28-19, involved a bug-eyed, human-sized Pop Tart mascot.

Pop-Tarts had previously touted the smiling pastry as the “first-ever edible mascot,” and the company meant it.

At the end of the game, the mascot brandished a sign reading, “DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE” before being lowered into what appeared to be a giant toaster. Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff” blared in the background.

The bottom of the toaster apparatus opened up and spit out a version of the mascot (with no human actor inside ― we hope) made out of edible Pop-Tart material. Kansas State players grabbed at the anthropomorphic Pop-Tart’s body and shoved bits of him into their mouths in a celebratory fashion.

All in all, viewers were eating it up.

Some saw biblical overtones in the whole production. It is the Christmas season, after all.

And some people highlighted the gruesome, jammy aftermath.

But don’t feel bad for the Pop-Tart. Reporter Rodger Sherman confirmed with the mascot prior to its toasty demise that the breakfast pastry indeed yearned to be eaten.

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