Russell Westbrook Deals Magnificently With Critical Wardrobe Malfunction

The Los Angeles Clippers star was missing a vital piece of apparel and still came through.

Russell Westbrook of the Los Angeles Clippers lost his shoe but won the night for sinking a 3-pointer without the sneaker on Tuesday. (Watch the video below.)

Westbrook’s shoe somehow became dislodged from his foot in the first quarter against the Los Angeles Lakers. In the middle of a play, the former league MVP gave up his attempt to put the shoe back on, kicking it off instead.

The guard was left open for a 3, and he casually drained it. “Who needs shoes?” the announcer exclaimed.

Westbrook scored 16 points in the Clippers’ 127-116 win, proving that even the most critical of NBA wardrobe malfunctions can’t stop a true baller.

“In this latest edition of the Lakers and Clippers, even the most ridiculous shots would fall,” the Los Angeles Times wrote.

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