The Most Popular Movies On Netflix Right Now Besides 'The Call'

A new Polish crime drama and SpaceX documentary are also trending on the streaming service.

“The Call” is currently the most popular movie on Netflix, according to the streaming service’s public ranking system.

The 2013 thriller was a commercial success upon release and seems to be finding new life since joining Netflix on April 10. “The Call” stars Halle Berry as a 911 operator who takes a call from a teenage girl (Abigail Breslin) after she’s kidnapped by a serial killer.

“Four Brothers,” another crime-related drama, occupies the second-place spot. The 2005 thriller stars Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, André Benjamin and Garrett Hedlund as four siblings who seek to avenge their adoptive mother’s murder.

"The Call" on Netflix.
Sony Pictures
"The Call" on Netflix.

The newer movies in the ranking are “Furioza” ― a Polish film about a police officer who forces her ex-boyfriend to become an informant in order to save his brother from prison ― and “Return to Space,” a documentary about Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Netflix viewers have also been tuning into comedies like “Without a Paddle” (2004), “Shrek Forever After” (2010) and “Monster-in-Law” (2005).

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10. “Return to Space” (Netflix)

6. “Furioza” (Netflix)

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