Resurfaced 2016 Video Shows Travis Kelce's Honest Thoughts On Taylor Swift

In an interview, the NFL star reveals who he would “kiss, marry or kill” between his current girlfriend, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry.

Travis Kelce was already imagining a future with Taylor Swift even in 2016 ― but marriage apparently wasn’t in the cards.

A video Kelce did eight years ago for AfterBuzz TV has resurfaced, and it sheds light on what the NFL star thought about his future girlfriend.

The video shows Kelce deciding who he would “kiss, marry or kill” between Swift, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry, but it wasn’t easy for him.

“Damn, that’s messed up,” he said. “I don’t want to kill any of them.”

Host Kristina Ziss tries to soothe the Kansas City Chiefs player’s concerns by pointing out that it’s “just a game,” before adding cryptically, “It’s going to be harder to find real love so you gotta play this game.”

Kelce decided he “unfortunately” had to kill Grande, but pointed out his distress by saying, “I love you, but you’re gone.”

Ironically, considering his current romantic situation, Kelce decided he’d want to “kiss” Swift and “marry” Perry.”

Kelce didn’t explain his reasoning for merely kissing Swift, because Ziss asked him the same question about Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

“Oh, man, this is going to sound bad, but I don’t know which one’s which.”

You can see the complete segment below.

It is unknown whether Kelce, Swift or Perry have seen the resurfaced video while Swift is on tour, but it could have been an interesting topic of discussion on Friday when Perry attended Swift’s show in Sydney, Australia.

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