This Waffle-Knit Throw Blanket Looks Much More Expensive Than It Is

It’s designed to regulate body heat, so you won’t be sweating underneath.
Great Bay Home all-season cotton waffle blanket
Great Bay Home all-season cotton waffle blanket

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The waffle is everywhere — and I’m not talking about the kind you dip in maple syrup and eat for breakfast. Waffle knit blankets are all over #DecorTok, Pinterest, and virtually every interior designer’s Instagram feed.

There’s no place a waffle knit blanket doesn’t look good, whether it’s spread out on your bed, arranged just so across your favorite chair or folded on the back of the couch.

But here’s the thing about waffle knit blankets: They tend to be pretty pricey. A Boll & Branch one goes for over $200 while Parachute’s clocks in at $149. Want in on a secret? You can get a great one at Walmart for between $55 and $70.

Great Bay’s waffle knit blanket has 120 reviews, the vast majority giving it a perfect five out of five stars. It comes in three sizes ($55 for a twin, $60 for a full/queen and $70 for a king) and nine colors: blush pink, dark gray, light gray, marigold, navy, oatmeal, pale blue, taupe and white.

Great Bay Home all-season cotton waffle blanket
Great Bay Home all-season cotton waffle blanket

Customers love it for all the reasons why waffle knit blankets are so trendy right now: They’re great layering pieces, not too hot or too cold (consider them the Goldilocks of blankets), super soft and machine washable.

Waffle knit blankets are virtually always solid-colored, ensuring that they won’t clash with whatever decor vibe you have going on. The fabric looks fancier than fleece, but not in a showy way like cashmere can be.

Then, there’s the touch and weight of a waffle knit. It isn’t scratchy like wool or overly insulating the way fleece can be. In fact, the cotton weave is designed to regulate body temperature. The blanket’s square-shaped weave retains heat while the inner part of the squares let air circulate. That means you can be comfy under a waffle knit blanket year-round and in every season.

If you’re sold, scroll up to get your hands on Walmart’s best-kept bedding secret.

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