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The shooting by a 31-year-old man with a semi-automatic rifle started about 3:30 p.m. Saturday.
The states said they'd received reports of overcrowded stores, a lack of social distancing and workers who felt pressure to clock in.
Paul Gilbert Anchondo was only 3 months old when his parents died while shielding him during a mass shooting.
The branding effort left a bad taste in many people's mouths and Pepsi agreed. The poster has been taken down.
Emails show the retailer's employees are worried that an AI-based system meant to prevent theft is undermining social distancing. "It's a health issue," said one.
The victim was fundraising for his daughter’s soccer team in the Walmart parking lot when the suspected gunman opened fire.
Both of the employees worked at a Chicago-area store and reportedly had underlying health issues.
Keep seeing the words “out of stock”? Here's where to find groceries, cleaning supplies and other household essentials from places other than Amazon and Walmart.
The retailer's latest efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus may take weeks to go into effect -- and workers say more is needed.
The promise of testing for the coronavirus at local pharmacies, which Trump implied was at hand on a large scale, remains unrealized.