Climate Change

The world wants more nuclear energy as a means to fight climate change and supply an ever-growing demand for electricity, part of a generational shift in thinking.
A new revelation has rattled climate scientists and environmental activists, but it did not happen in a vacuum.
The World Meteorological Organization warned of worrying trends that suggest increasing floods, wildfires, glacier melt, and heat waves in the future.
The U.N.’s annual summit, known as the Conference of the Parties, or COP, begins this week in Dubai.
In a country that has long eschewed atomic power, young physicists and their allies are hoping that fresh political upheaval will offer a chance to change minds.
The Bureau of Land Management is planning to build a wind farm near one of the few remaining sacred spaces for Japanese American survivors of incarceration camps.
The world's largest carbon emitters said they recognized "the climate crisis has increasingly affected countries around the world."
The state will now be required to rapidly phase out fossil fuels in the home of American automobiles and heavy industry.
Phew, there's no need to worry about the climate crisis anymore.
A new climate report provides a raw, stunning assessment of the world we’ve unraveled.