Pasta Recipes

Say goodbye to mushy pasta and limp vegetables.
Protein pasta, whole-grain pasta, high-fiber pasta... do they really make a difference if you don't have specific dietary needs?
If you're in an elbow macaroni rut, check out these other pro pasta favorites.
One New Jersey resident thinks a military veteran who was trying to clear out a stockpile of old food out from his dead mother's home was behind it.
“It was like the song, on top of spaghettiiiii, all covered with cheese,” Nina Jochnowitz said about the incident dubbeds “Mission Impastable.”
It's easy enough to boil pasta, but temperature and timing can make a big difference.
Here’s why having a dedicated pasta pot is absolutely worth the investment.
Whether you’re making fettuccine or ravioli, nothing compares to the taste of homemade pasta.
Every time you microwave a bowl of spaghetti, an Italian grandmother rolls over in her grave.