Robert Justus joined former US Air Force officer Steven Carrillo in a plot to attack guards at a federal building in Oakland, California, during a 2020 protest against police brutality.
Book bans are on the rise nationally, with nearly half those prohibitions happening in Florida school districts.
The law Newsom signed makes California the only state with its own tax on guns and ammunition.
The 146-day strike cost the state's economy over $3 billion, according to an estimate.
On Friday, Newsom vetoed a law that would have required judges to consider if a parent affirms their child’s gender identity in custody and visitation decisions.
Kevin de León, who refused calls to resign from as high up as President Joe Biden, is testing his ability to bounce back from a scandal that derailed his career.
The 31-year-old Canadian was sentenced to 10 years after a jury convicted him of shooting rapper Megan Thee Stallion.
Lawmakers are asking the state's attorney general to seek a court opinion on whether Trump is disqualified because he violated the 14th Amendment.
The bans are part of a larger effort by conservative activists to push their beliefs on local public schools.
The state has banned government-funded travel to other regions with discriminatory laws on the books since 2017.