Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump's eldest son received stinging reminders about his father over the remark.
"Officials on the scene do not believe it is deadly,” a spokesperson told media outlets.
The Trump scion raised eyebrows with his graphic post about the president.
The son of the former president came up with a wild one during a Fox News interview.
The former president's son spewed a conspiracy theory after a GOP lawmaker warned of a "serious national security threat" on social media.
Social media users said Don Jr. is “just like his father” after sharing an appalling message about the former first lady.
Critics suggested that Donald Trump's eldest son "sit this one out."
The former president once accidentally referred to the rapper as "Lil Pimp."
"That would certainly be a contender," the former president's son said of Donald Trump potentially choosing Tucker Carlson as a running mate.
The former president's son looked back on his father's administration as he knocked "Bidenomics" at an Iowa campaign event.