An American man has been charged with murder and other offenses for attacking two women near Neuschwanstein castle in Germany in June.
The vehicle left a highway in Germany at high speed as the driver tried to evade a police check, said authorities.
AfD was founded in 2013 with a focus against eurozone rescue packages but gained strength following the arrival of a large number of refugees and migrants in 2015.
Under the cover of a pseudo-religious Germanic belief in gods, the Artgemeinschaft spread its Nazi worldview, said the German interior ministry.
Germany — the last unbeaten team left in the tournament at 7-0 — will play Serbia on Sunday for the World Cup title.
Max Teske and Laura Nickel were unprepared for the backlash their call to action produced.
Police issued a warning of an “escaped wild animal” and asked people not to leave their houses and to bring their pets indoors.
The results have raised concern about the far-right's resurgence.
If all goes to plan, a new page in aviation history could be written.
The large-headed mascot with big eyes has shorts — in contrast to the 2006 World Cup mascot, a lion named “Goleo” that was widely ridiculed for not having pants.