Under the proposed plan, both members of a German couple will be able to take on a double surname, with or without a hyphen, and for their children to take that name too.
The International Court of Justice said the request, which also asked for Germany to renew UNRWA funding, did not meet the legal conditions.
Nicaragua has accused Germany of breaching international humanitarian law by providing arms and other support to Israel in its deadly assault on Gaza.
Crew members were roused from sleep and told to hunt down a submarine during an exercise north of the Arctic circle.
Researchers in Germany said they were surprised by their findings, which have been published.
The 31-year-old defendant’s lawyer admitted he had “committed an unfathomable crime” near Germany's Neuschwanstein Castle last year.
The governments of Poland, France and Germany are vowing to make Europe a security and defense power with a greater ability to back Ukraine.
The action star told German newspaper Bild that he was baffled by the ordeal.
Beckenbauer won the World Cup as both player and coach.
Christina Block's son and daughter were with their father at the time of the incident.