A Missouri appeals court has ruled against a Republican-written description of abortion-rights ballot measures, calling his summaries partisan in nature.
No one was injured in the shooting, and St. Louis County police officer McCulloch is facing multiple criminal charges.
Blanchard was sentenced to a decade in prison for her mother's 2015 murder.
Ashli Ehrhardt, a 29-year-old mother of two, was divorcing her husband and planning to move out of the home they shared.
The group, known as “ERIC,” included more than 30 states when it became the subject of far-right attacks.
Watch police try – and repeatedly fail – to catch the speedster.
Authorities haven't said whether the body found Wednesday is defendant Bonnie Gooch's, but said they don't suspect foul play.
In the national reckoning that followed the police killing of George Floyd three years ago, about 2,000 protesters took to the streets in a St. Louis suburb.
Rev. Dr. Love Holt spoke before a House committee about the harm that a national abortion ban could cause.
Police in Missouri investigated two shootings with multiple victims in the same area early Sunday morning.