New York Daily News

The tabloid has a long history of slamming the former president on its front page.
The newspaper illustrated the news of the controversial congressman's arrest with a blistering front page image.
The New York Daily News and New York Post tore into the former president after a jury's $5 million verdict.
The tax returns puncture claims that are central to the former president's story, an editorial points out.
The newspaper slammed Kevin McCarthy and George Santos as "the poster children for GOP dysfunction."
Twitter users, meanwhile, cracked ketchup jokes about the conviction of the former president's company for tax fraud.
The newspaper's front page hit the former president with some blasts from the past after he announced his 2024 run for the White House.
The former undercover detective testified about endemic corruption in the New York Police Department in 1971.
The tabloid slammed Donald Trump’s eldest son for topping “sick GOP” taunts of Alec Baldwin following the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.
The former New York mayor is getting what he deserves, the tabloid’s editorial board declared in a scathing column about the suspension of his law license.