New York Daily News Says Donald Trump's Tax Returns Prove 2 Things

The tax returns puncture claims that are central to the former president's story, an editorial points out.

A New York Daily News editorial said Donald Trump’s recently released tax returns show the former president was “not so rich or smart” as he brags.

The returns, made public by the House Ways and Means Committee at the end of December after Trump’s yearslong fight to keep them secret, show Trump claimed large losses before and throughout his time in office.

Trump is just “a bad businessman who racked up huge losses,” said the editorial, published Monday.

“He’s not such a rich man,” the editorial said. “His adjusted gross income was negative, mostly from a Net Operating Loss carryover of $105,157,825. He had to pay the IRS $707,123. No wonder the fraud didn’t want Americans to see.”

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