An Oregon judge has ruled that a voter-approved gun control law violates the state constitution.
"This happens more than you think," the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife posted on X.
Shirley Hendrickson said her husband, Larry, is still “suffering from the effects of the hypothermia” but noted, "He’s 92 years old. It’s a miracle that he made it.”
Authorities are trying to determine who sent suspicious letters, including some containing fentanyl or other substances, to local election offices in at least five states.
In an exclusive HuffPost interview, the Multnomah County commissioner and sibling of Rep. Pramila Jayapal spoke of the possibility of working together.
The Democrat’s departure is likely to spark a competitive primary for control of the solid blue seat.
Police say 39-year-old Samson Zebturiah Garner planned to target rock climbers at the Smith Rock Craggin’ Classic.
Authorities in Oregon said Antonio Arredondo used social media to specifically seek single mothers with young daughters.
The attacks claimed the lives of an Indiana woman and an Oregon man, both cisgender people.
A Portland, Oregon, police officer released a video apology three years after beating a photojournalist who sought restorative justice.